New London attraction: St Martin-in-the-Fields immersive light show LIFE 30 January – 3 February 2024

Following the success of Space last year, St Martin’s forms the backdrop to Life, a new immersive sound and light experience that celebrates the natural world around us. During the darkest months of the year, St Martin-in-the-Fields will host a celebration of light with Life – a five-day immersive light and sound experience running from Tuesday 30th January – Saturday 3rd February 2024.

St Martin-in-the-Fields light show LIFE collage

Designed as a walking journey through earth, sea, and sky, Life invites visitors to reflect upon life on today’s planet during a single 24-hour period. Using the architecture of St Martin-in-the-Fields, visitors will be taken from sunrise to sunset, journeying through the beauty of planet earth, witnessing the sun, the oceans, and the clouds in a show suitable for all ages.

Starting outside, the building will feature external projections that draw viewers to admire the centuries-old architecture of St Martin-in-the-Fields with imagery bringing the natural world to life and offering time to reflect on our responsibility to protect it. The light experience continues inside St Martin’s underground crypt, culminating in a light show filling the whole of the Church interior.

The experience will last around 40 minutes, culminating with a 15-minute final seated sequence in the Church; however, visitors may stay as long as they wish after entering to fully absorb the atmosphere. The show will begin outside in the Courtyard, and the outdoor Courtyard Café & Bar will be open for visitors to enjoy drinks before or after experiencing the show.

Life is produced and presented by the artist and sculptor Peter Walker, Artistic Director at Luxmuralis, whose sound and light installations create the stained-glass windows of our time, bringing to life the stories and concepts of our time in a way that stained glass did generations before. With the aim of bringing art to everyone, Luxmuralis brings together the contemporary and the ancient – providing the public with access to visual artwork in unexpected places.

Luxmuralis Artistic Director Peter Walker says: “After a remarkable first installation working with St Martin’s last year, we are delighted to be back in 2024 with Life. This is such an iconic building, but it is much more than that. It has been the home of remarkable music, art, and culture for hundreds of years. At Luxmuralis, we create the stained-glass windows of our time, bringing to life the stories and concepts of our time in a way that stained glass did generations before. It is wonderful to play a part in the contemporary life of St Martin’s bringing this new art form and adding it to these centuries of artistic and cultural history.”

St Martin-in-the-Fields is an architectural jewel sitting at the corner of one of the world’s most famous squares. Presenting over 300 concerts each year, St Martin’s is transforming its artistic and cultural offer and attracting new audiences as it broadens the roster of artists it presents and the repertoire performed in the stunning and acoustically excellent setting of the church.

Developed from the concept of “son et Lumiere,” our fully curated immersive fine art experiences combine the qualities of light and sound through contemporary media and years of experience as fine artists. We create the stained glass windows of our time, bringing stories to life through an understanding of art historical context of such institutions and painting with light the architecture – not for artifice or to simply animate but to evoke and engage and take audiences on creative journeys in some of the most remarkable buildings around. Creating fine art light and sound reflects closely on the history, heritage, and art history of these places and brings together the contemporary and the ancient. More than a light show, we look to create contemporary exhibitions whose core is always close to the sense of place.

As a sculptor and artist, Peter’s work adorns towns and cities both nationally and internationally. His artwork consists of large-scale sculpture, commissioned and bespoke sculptural works as well as paintings, drawings, film, sound, and light installations. Peter has vast experience in artistic direction/project management and large-scale project development. Peter is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. His work can be viewed at

David is a Composer and Sound Artist. The music he writes and produces has been used for BBC and Channel 4 T.V. productions as well as for national theatre productions, and film. David also creates sound art installations that combine his musical composition with video and film and are frequently exhibited at art events, museums, and in public spaces throughout the U.K. David has been commissioned to create a new series of audio and sound works in the project which will form the public art soundscapes for the new City of Sculpture project. To listen to examples of David’s work go to:

Ticketing Information

The immersive exhibition runs from Tuesday 30 January to Saturday 3 February 2024 (timed ticket slots available every 15 minutes from 5.30 – 9.45pm), is fully accessible, and suitable for all ages. Ticket prices are based on the time of your visit, starting at just £8 with premium slots at £12. Tickets for under 16s are just £5, and children under two do not need a ticket. Pre-booking is strongly advised as a very limited number of tickets will be available on the day. For full details and to book tickets, visit

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