London with Teens: ‘Relaxed Performance’ of Mamma Mia! the musical at Novello Theatre

I was intrigued when I was invited to my first ever ‘relaxed’ theatre experience of Mamma Mia! the musical at Novello Theatre. A ‘relaxed performance‘ entails everything required to transform the theatre into a friendly atmosphere for people with autism, learning disabilities, sensory and communication needs or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. All while maintaining the joyful magic of this musical.

Not only are slight adjustments made to the sound and lighting in the show, but normal rules of theatre do not apply, like having to keep quiet or sit still. You can also come and go from the auditorium as you please, and there are spaces provided to take a break with bean bags and fidget toys.

The show combines the elements of both modern and traditional theatre to convey the story of a 20-year-old girl who dreams of being led to the altar by her father. While the performance includes recent theatrical attributes, the show mostly consists of traditional techniques such as a run crew, the crew members that power the scene changes, prop handoffs and onstage “magic” for each production. The play consisted of amazing choreography accompanied by a live orchestra to bring the iconic songs by ABBA to life, such as ‘Dancing Queen,’ ‘Waterloo,’ and all the greatest hits.

This performance also has lots of comedic moments such as the fun ‘Does your mother know that you’re out’ scene or the hilarious dream sequence accompanied by ‘Under Attack,’ where you’ll never know what to expect next.



Mamma Mia! has something for everyone, whether it’s because of all your favourite ABBA songs, the comedic characters or a bit of both. I believe that the show is enjoyable for all ages, especially for those who grew up listening to ABBA’s iconic hits.

Teen Rating: 7/10

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