London with Teens: Disney On Ice at OVO Wembley Arena

Exciting. Engaging. Extravagant. Disney On Ice at Wembley Arena is a must-see! I was unsure at first if two teenagers and their mother would enjoy a show like this, but before we knew it, we were introduced to all our favourite Disney characters on ice skates. The show really surprised me with the way the skaters traversed around the ice rink through the use of flips and lifts to bring the fantastical stories from the past 100 years to life as it toured the UK. However, the show is not just limited to ice skating, it also includes other acts like acrobats, stilts and a fly system.

Disney On Ice show at Wembley

The experience includes bubbles, snow, fire and fireworks to make the magic even stronger. The play consisted of amazing choreography accompanied by traditional Disney songs like ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘A Whole New World‘ as well as more recent hits such as ‘Let it Go‘ and ‘You’re Welcome’.

Disney On Ice show at Wembley

The performance comes with a range of Disney merchandise including plushies, figurines, T-shirts and light up swords to enhance the experience, as long as you’re prepared for the queues. You can also enjoy food and drink during the show. Not only is there candy floss, popcorn and slushies in Olaf, Ariel and Elsa themed pots, but also the usual ‘concert food’ such as hot dogs and fries. Disney On Ice is the only place you won’t have to wait in a long queue to get a drink!

Disney on ice show at wembley merchandising

Disney on Ice has something for everyone, whether it’s because of your favourite Disney characters, the spectacular figure skating or both. I believe Disney On Ice is enjoyable for all ages, but especially good for young kids and their families.

Teen Rating: 8/10


disney on ice show at wembley disney on ice show at wembley disney on ice show at wembley  

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disney on ice show at wembley

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