London review: Disney on Ice 2023

On Christmas eve 2023, London Mums Magazine was invited to the O2 to review Disney On Ice. So off we went with three enthusiastic girls to watch Disney’s characters create a magical performance on ice which was truly an enchanting experience for all of us. The entire audience was spellbound, experiencing sheer magic throughout the event. Each time a Disney character glided onto the ice, my daughters gasped in awe. The combination of skating, dazzling costumes and iconic Disney music made it a magical experience.disney on ice london skaters

As I sat in the audience, each Disney on Ice show unfolded with a unique theme, seamlessly weaving together characters from different Disney movies. The performances were a captivating experience.
It was evident that they invested a significant amount of time rehearsing to ensure flawless moves. The performers even skilfully hung off drapes, leaving the audience amazed.
Witnessing the backdrops seamlessly transition from the chilly scenes of Frozen to the warm summer landscapes of Encanto was truly impressive. The audience’s lively clapping and cheering, as they enthusiastically joined in, added to the enjoyment. Some fortunate children even had the chance to go up on the stage! While the candy was on the pricey side, my daughter insisted on getting it and she proudly wore the Mickey mouse crown that came with it. Seeing all the princesses in their magnificent costumes was a highlight for me reminding me of my childhood.

disney on ice london cinderella skating
The energy in the arena and the sheer entertainment of the show made it a memorable and enjoyable experience. Me and my kids will always cherish this memory.


Review from child reporter:

“Hi my name is  Amandeep Panesar and I’m 10 years old. On Christmas Eve, I went to see Disney on Ice with my family and oh my gosh, it was the most amazing thing EVER! I really liked it. All the characters were super cool, but my absolute favourite was Moana. They even acted out part of her story from the movie and get this – there was a boat gliding on the ice! How awesome is that? The outfits were so sparkly and glamorous I loved every single one of them. My sisters and I enjoyed guessing the characters as they appeared on the ice. All the scenes were really beautiful and we sang along to all the songs.I knew them all! It was so much fun. Disney on Ice was the BEST thing ever!”

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