Italian Gelato deliveries in London

When the summer is here, as an Italian, the things I miss the most in London are the sunshine and Italian Gelato! Finally, I can get one of the two on tap. Badiani, one of the most famous artisan gelato producers in the world, born in 1932 in Florence, has now opened four stores across London along with a dedicated laboratory. To celebrate my birthday in style recently, I ordered Badiani’s ice cream through the site Cosa Porto. It came swiftly and was absolutely amazing. The most authentic Italian Gelato in London. 


Their Gelato is crafted in the age old Italian tradition and they infuse culinary sensibilities to provide delightful twists for the palate. All the recipes are developed by Award Winning Gelato Maker Paolo Pomposi. A team of experienced gelato makers transforms the carefully selected ingredients into the outmost delicious artisan Gelato. They can create any flavour you would like to delight their customers with, including a variety of savoury options.


Authentic, Delicious, Italian




Flash delivery!


Homemade ice cream available in many and originale flavours. Ideal for a fresh and light snack, or for an exquisite and tasty after meal.
Click Add and Choose the size and the taste you prefer

Available sizes:

  • 300ml – max 2 of Gelato Flavours
  • 500ml – max 3 of Gelato Flavours
  • 750ml – max 4 of Gelato Flavours
  • 1000ml – max 5 of Gelato Flavours

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