Is London a LGBT – Friendly Place?

When it comes to traveling abroad or moving overseas, learning if the destination is an LGBT – Friendly place is a critical factor in the eyes of many. Many would even consider it a dealbreaker. After all, a lot of it comes down to one’s own personal safety, which is completely understandable.

With Europe being a hot place to visit, many are curious to learn more about its culture, beliefs, and overall ways of life. That leads us to the popular question of, is London LGBT – friendly? London Mums have the answers for you!

two women lesbians wearing white shirts at LGBT parade posing for mums magazine

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London is One of the Top LGBT-Friendly Cities

You might be surprised to learn that London is one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in not only Europe but in the entire world. So, you can rest assured that you will feel safe and welcome in this city and be delighted by plenty of LGBT-friendly culture.

From plentiful work opportunities, to accepting LGBT parenting, to its variant nightlight, you can expect the city of London to offer a genial attitude towards those of the LGBT community. There’s almost no place safer or more understanding.


Participate in London Pride

London celebrates the LGBT community via its London Pride event the first weekend in July each year. In fact, it’s the United Kingdom’s largest and most diverse LGBT event. There is also a UK Black Pride event as well in the UK.

Run almost solely by volunteers, London Pride is an event brought to the public by the community, for the community. The event includes a vibrant parade, a wide range of different performances & entertainers, and food & beverage stalls. Children’s activities and family fun are also included.

If you aren’t able to make it to London Pride in person, you’re still able to donate online if you wish to participate from afar.


LGBT-Friendly Bars, Clubs, Museums, & More

London is filled with many restaurants, bars, clubs, historical museums, and other businesses & community centers friendly with the LGBT community. It is also home to the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre. The options are virtually endless!

Many cities nearby London are also accepting of the community.

Brighton for instance, is known for its gay village, making it a hot spot for LGBT-friendly nightlife. The city of Manchester also has a very welcoming LGBT nightlife and overall social life. Head over to Glasgow for a variety of beloved bars and clubs that support this community. And Bristol is particularly known for equal opportunities for those in the community.

The United Kingdom in general is filled with great, historical LBGT-friendly exhibits. These include The British Museum and The Museum of London.

In addition, there are numerous hotels and places to stay in London that are near or within particularly LGBT-friendly areas and scenes. So, you can feel secure and well-imersed in LGBT culture.



It’s no surprise that in a world where LBGT communities are more common than ever before, many would want to be cautious to travel or move to a location that isn’t friendly with the LBGT community. The good news is, not only is London an LBGT-friendly city, but it’s one of the most supportive cities around the world.

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