Greek party at Freedom Bar Soho where Eurovision meets Coronation 

On the eve of King Charles’ coronation, in the heart of Soho, The Greek National Tourism Organisation hosted a Royal and Eurovision themed party at Freedom Bar. The event promised an evening of music, live entertainment, Greece – inspired cocktails, and of course, Eurovision tunes, making it an event not to be missed. And, of course, I did not want to skip that for the world.

As guests arrived, they were greeted by a vibrant and lively atmosphere, with the bar decorated in a regal and flamboyant theme. The room was filled with guests donning sequins, tiaras, and glittery facial tattoos (I got the Greek flag on one cheek and the Italian flag on the other cheek), truly embracing the Greek party spirit. The event drew a diverse crowd, with guests of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

Eurovision Greek Party London Mums magazine editor Monica Costa

The night kicked off with performances by drag queens Carl Mullaney and Miss Leigh Ding, who took to the stage to entertain the guests with their sassy and flamboyant performances. Their energy and humour were infectious, and they quickly had the entire room laughing, dancing, and singing along to their act.

As the night went on, guests were treated to a variety of Greece-inspired cocktails and food, including souvlaki, one of the most popular street foods in Greece. The food and drinks were a perfect accompaniment to the night’s festivities, with guests enjoying the delicious flavours and aromas of Greece while soaking in the party vibes.

Eurovision Greek Party London Mums magazine editor Monica Costa

The cocktails were a particular highlight of the evening, with the coronation themed drinks being a particular favourite. The ‘King & Queen’ cocktail was a regal mix of Prosecco with a splash of strawberry gomme and a dash of Grenadine. The Mykonos Breeze was a mix of gin with ginger ale and fresh cucumber. Mastihito was a sweet concoction of mastihita mint, fresh lime and lime juice, sugar and soda – my favourite of the night. ‘My number one’ was also a hit, with its bold mix of metaxa with triple sec, lemon juice, and fresh lime.

The canape selection was a perfectly blended mix of Greek flavours including the classic chicken souvlaki skewer, lamb meatball crostini, halloumi skewer, grilled prawn, mini spaniel pita, truffle mushroom Arancini and, last but not least, chocolate Ganache cornetto.

The music was a major part of the evening, with the playlist featuring a range of Eurovision classics, including Abba’s Waterloo, plus big hits such as Walking on Sunshine and Grease’s tune Hopelessly devoted to you. The guests sang and danced along to the music, with many of them showing off their best dance moves on the dance floor. The atmosphere was electric, with the party vibes and music creating a sense of unity and celebration amongst the guests.

The Greek National Tourism Organisation did an excellent job of bringing a taste of Greece to London with this coronation and Eurovision themed party. The event was a perfect example of how only the Greeks can throw real, inclusive, and cheerful parties, with everyone coming together to enjoy the music, food, and company. London was the perfect location for this event, being such a cosmopolitan and melting pot city, with guests from all backgrounds and cultures coming together to celebrate.

The party was a reminder of how Greece has been at the heart of European culture for thousands of years, with its food, music, and traditions still being celebrated and enjoyed today.

As the night drew to a close, guests left with a sense of joy and fulfilment, having experienced a taste of Greece in the heart of London. The party was a resounding success, and many guests were already talking about when the next Greek-themed party would be held.

Let’s hope to replicate this party in Greece sometime soon!

Meantime happy Eurovision weekend.

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