Gig review: The Zombies at the Barbican celebrate 60 Years On Tape with sold out show and special guests

On a delightful and nostalgic evening at the Barbican Hall – on June 7, 2024 – The Zombies graced the stage to celebrate their 60th anniversary with a special performance titled The Zombies Celebrating 60 Years On Tape. The iconic English rock band, known for their sophisticated melodies and jazzy keyboard riffs, took the audience on a musical journey through six decades of their illustrious career, sprinkling the night with a hearty dose of charm and memories.

The Zombies at the Barbican celebrate 60 Years On Tape with sold out show and special guests

As part of their UK-wide summer tour, The Zombies were joined by an impressive lineup of special guests, including Paul Weller, Irwin Sparkes (The Hoosiers), and Sarah Brown. This “first of its kind” show celebrated the band’s enduring legacy and their impact on music over the past six decades, making it a night of surprises and nostalgia.

The evening kicked off with a nod to their early days in 1964 West Hampstead, where they first recorded on tape as teenagers. This trip down memory lane set the tone for a night filled with timeless hits and new favourites, all delivered with the warmth and energy that only The Zombies can provide.

One of the standout moments of 60 Years On Tape was the performance of Chris White’s song I Love You, a track that reached the top three in America. The band also showcased songs from their 2023 album, Different Game, which debuted at number 25 on the US Billboard charts. Four tracks from the album were played, including the title track A Different Game, which transported the audience back to the 60s with its nostalgic dance ball vibe, reminiscent of evenings where couples would schmooze on the dance floor. The song evoked what Polish people call ‘linen songs,’ those romantic tunes that bring a sense of intimacy and warmth – perfect for ending a night on a high note.

The Zombies delighted the crowd with classic hits such as Tell Her No and Hold Me, the latter of which had the audience clapping along to its lively 50s rock ‘n’ roll vibe. Special guest Sarah Brown joined the band for a powerful rendition of Summertime, showcasing her strong vocal performance and adding a touch of soulful magic to the evening.

Rod Argent’s histrionic piano skills were a highlight during an extended version of Time of the Season, demonstrating the band’s enduring musical prowess. Another memorable moment was the super long, more than 15-minute version of “Hold Your Head Up Woman,” featuring enthusiastic audience participation that added to the communal spirit of the night. The crowd’s energy was palpable, turning the hall into a lively dance party.

The Zombies, who were the second UK band after The Beatles to score a #1 hit in America, continue to captivate audiences with their breathy vocals, back-up harmonies, and timeless hits like She’s Not There, You Make Me Feel Good, and Tell Her No. The evening at the Barbican was a testament to their lasting influence and the timeless appeal of their music, proving that even after 60 years, The Zombies still know how to put on an unforgettable show.

For fans of The Zombies, the 60 Years On Tape anniversary concert was a night to remember, filled with classic tunes, new songs, and special guest performances that highlighted the band’s incredible journey and their continued relevance in the music world. As Madonna aptly put it, “Music makes the people come together,” and this evening was a perfect embodiment of that sentiment, leaving everyone with smiles on their faces and a song in their hearts.


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