FREE Family friendly London attraction: Vauxhall City Farm

During the recent launch of Munch Bunch storytelling contest at Vauxhall City Farm we have taken the opportunity to browse around this farm which has a great motto: Celebrating keeping the Lamb in Lambeth for 35 Years.

vauxhall city farm MI5 backdrop

This is a unique and perfectly hidden rural gem amidst the heart of The City. Vauxhall City Farm provides a slice of countryside life and living amongst the hectic, urban backdrop of Central London- and bestows one of the most sublime juxtapositions I have ever seen!

vauxhall city farm entrance

As the farm is mere minutes walk from both Vauxhall City train and tube station, it is the perfect destination for families living in London, especially those without cars who may be unable to drive outside the city for trips to country based farms.

vauxhall city farm goats

Vauxhall city farm offers amazing sights, sounds, smells and fun activities for all the family on their original, authentic micro farm.

Although the plot Vauxhall city farm is based on may be small, they are still able to offer a huge variety of animals- from horses to turkeys, rabbits to goats and somewhere grazing on the green fields of the farm there are even some Alpacas! As well as the many animals the farm accommodates, they also boast one of the most beautiful gardens, containing hundreds of bright and beautiful flowers and plants- a must see in these Summer months!
vauxhall city farm horse

The farm is open from 10:30am- 4:00pm on Wednesdays- Sundays and what makes it even more appealing and exciting (especially for the parents) is that Vauxhall City Farm is completely FREE for anyone and everyone to visit.

vauxhall city farm fuchsia flowers

With their large collection of friendly animals, educational lessons on nature, horse riding lessons and the addition of free entry, this makes Vauxhall City farm a destination well worth visiting for all families. As well as a fantastic place to take the kids during the near approaching Summer holidays.

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