Family Show review: Wind in the (Willows) Wiltons

London Mums Magazine reporters were recently invited to watch Wind in the (Willows) Wiltons at performing arts theatre at Wilton’s Music Hall, 1 Graces Alley, London, E1 8JB. Here’s our verdict. 

poster of The Wind andd the Willows Wilton

The verdict 

Wilton’s Music Hall is an enchanting venue in which to produce an updated adaptation of a classical favourite. Losing nothing of the essence of Kenneth Grahame’s original story, this musical production brings the action into the twenty twenties with topical humour and modern technology. Toads escapades include theft of an e scooter and a drone.

The animal characters are charmingly portrayed by multi-skilled actors who all played musical instruments, sang and doubled up cleverly as secondary characters. Curmudgeonly badger, portrayed as a left wing, eco warrior was  a solid presence amid the more impractical river bank dwellers. Mole and ratty beautifully observed and played, it was easy to forget they were not real animals! The tenderness of the animals towards the baby otter, Portly, who disappeared mysteriously was charming. The weasels and stoats were just nasty enough without dominating.

The stage setting was cleverly adaptable with a central tree displaying the changing seasons and the riverbank fringed by willows so it never felt like a stage. The actors all incorporated smooth scene changes with ease while singing or playing music.

The building itself, hidden away in Grace Alley off cable street in the city, merits exploration. It is the last original music hall in London. It has been preserved, proving atmospheric spaces for refreshments and sitting to discuss the production.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience for all age groups. Humour at all levels. Children laughed out loud as did adults. Definitely a ‘feel good’ outing.

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