Decadent Dining in London – The Places You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

If dining out is one of your favourite pastimes, London is the place to be. The different styles of cuisine, some of the world’s most inventive and creative chefs, and the stunning range of venues all combine to offer eating experiences to rival those found anywhere around the globe. Have you ever thought of decadent dining?

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Best kept secret dining out venues

The great thing about London is its abundance of great new dining out experiences on offer. If you tire of decadent dining at 5 star London hotels, why not try something a little different? Great food, good ambiance, and sharp service, but with little twist!


Tucked away in Blackfriars road, this little gem is 5 minutes’ walk from Waterloo station, and 1 minutes’ walk from Southwark station on the Jubilee. Baltic offers some great East European cuisine featuring some stunning dishes from Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria to mention just a few. You can dine in the Amber Room, which offers a semi-private atmosphere, which is ideal for those who want a little more privacy but who don’t want to be divorced from the great atmosphere.

They have a wonderful range of vodkas, (try the vodka with horseradish – exquisite!), and a superb array of food. Treat yourself to some of their gorgeous starters and sides such as stuffed dumplings (Pierogi), and Blinis served with smoked salmon or wild mushroom caviar. Roast pork shank with braised sauerkraut, seared calves liver with apple mash, and roast goose leg with braised red cabbage, figs, and apple are just some of the wonderful taste experiences on offer.

Dans Le Noir

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Dans Le Noir offers a totally new dining experience – dining in the dark. They bill it as being a truly human and sensory culinary experience; all in total, pitch darkness. You literally won’t see your hand in front of your face. But for those real true food connoisseurs it takes away the distraction that seeing can present, and instead allows your senses of taste, smell, and sensation to govern.

You can begin your new gastro experience by sampling some great cocktails in their dimly lit cocktail bar before being led to your table in the dark by a blind waiter. All the dishes are made from the finest quality ingredients, and they have an excellent wine cellar too. It really is dining out with a difference and something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

Seven Park Place by William Drabble

Seven Park Place by William Drabble has only been open for 5 years, but has already claimed its first well deserved Michelin Star, plus four rosettes. Situated in a quiet cul-de-sac in St James, London, 7PP is still relatively unknown by London’s dining out elite, meaning it’s still possible to book a table at short notice. That will probably not be the case for much longer. With an a la carte menu brimming full with new ideas, and some wonderful signature British lobster dishes, 7PP is a real hidden gem. They have a fine wine cellar and a friendly, knowledgeable sommelier to talk you through their selection and help you find the perfect accompaniment for your meal.

Where will you eat tonight?

Whether it’s eating in the dark or uncovering one of London’s lesser known fine dining establishments, one thing is for sure: London is the gastronomic capital; a foodie’s delight waiting to host your next culinary expedition in search of a great fine dining.


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