Christmas at Kew attraction review

Last night I was one of the few lucky participants who had the chance to experience the Kew Gardens annual Christmas lights trail before it opens to the public. I was totally mesmerised and spent four hours walking like Alice in Wonderland through illuminated trees, flickering flames in the Fire Garden, sparkling tunnels of light, gigantic light-up flowers, fairy-lit beeches, dancing waterside reflections, and trees drenched in jewel-like colour on my way to the panoramic Palm House light display.


The trail is approximately 2.6km long and they estimate 75 minutes to walk it all. It took me 240 minutes instead as I stopped so many times along the way to take pictures and also because I was enchanted by the illuminations. I completely lost the sense of time. 

I have been to Kew Gardens hundreds of times, but I have never seen the botanical park in this way. This was a truly magical experience suitable for anybody. I’d dare say that the Christmas botanical illumination trail at Kew Gardens is the most spectacular attraction you get to experience in London in Winter – or ever. No exaggeration. It is fabulous. 
Along the way I hugged (am I allowed to?) Father Christmas and asked him to put me on his NICE list.
This year’s biggest feature was the laser projection show at the central lake, covered with glowing stars and vibrant colour floating images. 
Another dazzling attraction along the trail is ‘Spheric’, a dome installation set in a little lake that creates a mirrored illusion thanks to the 2,000 LED lights that change colours with upbeat music. 
Throughout the trail the choice of music was perfectly chosen, from Frank Sinatra to classic Christmas tunes and even originally composed music. 
After the first hours we stopped at a KERB area filled with very diverse street food trucks serving delicious wraps, mulled wine and hot chocolate. 
If that was not enough entertainment, I managed to go onto a carousel and other luna park activities with my friends. I hadn’t laughed so much in years. 
I was told that there will be limited capacity with timed entry to Christmas at Kew so make sure to plan now to secure the date and time of your choice. For tickets visit the official website here.
I already want to go back again. Warning! This attraction can cause silly laughter (giggles).

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