Chocolate Fashion in London

They have finally created an event in London for chocolate lovers just like myself!  The Chocolate Show in Olympia is actually in its second year running. Everything you love about chocolate is all under one roof for a whole week-end and the smell of chocolate will transport you away. As soon as you enter the showroom you can see chocolate stands dotted everywhere around the venue…… here are some snaps of exhibitors who are personally showcasing some samples of their best products particularly the Chocolate Fashion.   Warning!  Your mouth will be watering while looking at these photos….



One of the talks I most enjoyed was that of  chocolatier Paul a Young, a very down to earth guy with lots of culinary experience who shared his passion for chocolate with us talking about how he started his career and  loving chocolate and experimenting with it in order to create exquisite delicacies.


Paul also mentioned the fact that only once he gave in to social media as he understood the greatness and implications of it….and thanks to social media and his ‘followers’ his business has grown a lot in the past years.


One of the facts about Paul’s talk that surprised me was that at the beginning of his career he was looking for chocolatiers to join his venture and was unable to find any. He then advertised for chocolate lovers who wanted to work and learn about making chocolate and had a huge response. Isn’t’ it surprising to find out that there aren’t many chocolatiers out there but that there are thousands of chocolate lovers?


Chocolate fashion and art is enjoyable for both adult chocolate lovers but also for children.  I saw many children go completely ‘mad’ looking at all the stalls and seeing their happy faces once they found some chocolate samples was simply hilarious! A special stand run by the Chocolate Club and York Cocoa House was dedicated entirely to children activities to discover facts about chocolate and to make their own chocolate lolly pop.


Last but not least, the stunning chocolate fashion outfits on the catwalk blew everyone away.  Some of these creations were very elaborate. Take a pick below to share my belief and ….remember to close your mouth while admiring these beautiful outfits.  





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