Chatting to London teen band Velvet High

London Mums’ child reporter Maya Benedetti recently interviewed members of Velvet High, a school band from Clapham who at 15 years of age are about to record their second track, after the good reception of “Blue starfish“, their first recorded song. Listen to it on Spotify, YouTube or Apple Music and you will understand the reason for their success!

Who is Velvet High?

Velvet High is a band of four teenagers: Oliver is the guitarist, Cameron is the drummer, Lukas the bassist and Marti the singer. We are four boys who go to school and enjoy music to the full extent. We started by playing covers and now have begun to compose our own things. The thing about us, that many bands lack, is that we are together because we are best friends not just co-workers or partners. The thing that brought us together was the joy of performing. The butterflies that rise through our stomachs when we play. The jokes we share around each other. Many people socialize in different ways. Velvet High do it through music.

How is it that you started composing your own songs?

Composing songs had always been on our mind, however it wasn’t until we really started jamming together that we came up with our first things. We look back at the first things we ever wrote and laugh at how different they sound. I guess it was good at the time because of what we were feeling but now we’ve moved on. We want to write so we can share how we feel about certain things. It is a way of sharing love and a special message.

Is it true that you busked in Northcote Road to collect money for the music department of your school?

Yeah, we did. It was really fun and we would love to keep doing it.  It was done by us and another band who, let’s say, wanted to be like us. We performed on Northcote and raised 164 pounds in 45 mins of playing. I’m joking about the other band by the way, they’re good friends of ours.

 You had a very good response on your first song. I saw a poster of you in Clapham Junction shopping centre. What do you think of that?

That was literally crazy to see, obviously publicity is great and every now and again we’ll get people come up to us saying they’ve seen us at Clapham Junction. We take pictures every time we go by and tell everyone walking by that its us. It is funny cause they all just keep walking and look at us like we’re aliens.

Do you have a record labels or sponsors?

At this moment in time, not yet. These things would mean the world to us as we really do want to take this up as a profession. If anyone is looking to sponsor or sign us, the links are:


And we will be releasing two new songs soon so keep your eyes up for those ones.

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