Calling all London Mums – Save Brompton Cemetery Suffragette’s resting place

The release of the film Suffragette is a fantastic step in bringing the women’s rights movements further into mainstream discussion, but the action should not stop in the cinema. The Royal Parks Foundation, the charity set-up to support the Royal Parks, is calling on the public to help save Brompton Cemetery, as it is falling into disrepair.  It’s not just a place of remembrance and many mums living in Fulham and Chelsea know far too well what a wonderful path for walks with the children it provides.    Brompton Cemetery 2

Cemeteries are one of the most important ways to preserve Britain’s history and Brompton Cemetery in West London is one of the most important, as it is the resting place of Emmeline Pankhurst.

Brompton Cemetery is one of London’s Magnificent Seven historic cemeteries. It is a magical place, combining historic monuments, trees and wildlife with the stories of the remarkable people buried here.

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It is vital that places like Brompton are saved for future generations. The Royal Parks Foundation is looking for help to raise £500,000 to renovate Brompton Cemetery. This will unlock funding from the Heritage Lottery and BIG Lottery groups to complete the restoration.

Brompton Cemetery


The gothic splendour of Brompton Cemetery has been irresistible to many film-makers. The elaborate Victorian gravestones and buildings have been the backdrop for period dramas, romantic comedies and thrillers. Famous films that have used Brompton Cemetery include

  • GoldenEye (1995), Pierce Brosnan’s first Bond movie.
  • Spoof-Bond film, Johnny English (2003). This was where Rowan Atkinson, playing a secret agent character first developed for Barclaycard adverts, disrupts a funeral service in the mistaken belief that the crown jewels are hidden in the coffin.
  • The Wings of the Dove (1997) – Helena Bonham Carter, as Kate Croy, tends her mother’s grave here.
  • SWALK (sometimes titled Melody) is about two ten-year-olds who want to get married.
  • 91 art house chiller, Afraid Of The Dark.
  • Stormbreaker (2006), the first film adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider novels. Someone close to Alex is shot dead by Gregorovich (Damien Lewis), the most dangerous assassin in the world. In the book, the burial is at Brompton and the movie’s funeral scenes were filmed here too.

There is more information about the conservation project here.

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