Backstage interview with pop sensation Alice Chater at BST Hyde Park

Beating back the bullies and a friendship with Will.I.Am mixed with a flawless look and catchy pop tracks has catapulted Alice Chater’s career.  A hard work ethic, clear talent and ability to overcome hardships complete the package of a stunning pop singer on the rise.

Citing music icons such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion as inspirations growing up, Alice Chater supported her idol Celine Dion at BST Hyde Park on Friday 5th July 2019.

We caught up with Alice backstage to ask her more about her background, music and what’s next.

Q. Alice, you’ve spoken out about the bullying you received at school, and also the fact you have dyslexia meant school wasn’t smooth sailing for you.  Can you tell me how that’s made you into the person you are today?

A. At school I struggled. In big groups of girls and even smaller groups I was very much on the outside of the circle.  I get shy in big groups which I found difficult.  I was always the joke of the group, they would laugh at me because I’m comedic.  Being dyslexic too I found school difficult, academic stuff very difficult and the only things I really excelled in was performing arts.  I’m very supportive of anyone going through a hard time at school and really want to help in any way I can. Because I went through a lot of awful things when I was at school.  It’s  shaped me into a much stronger person and I have a small group of friends.

Q. Moving onto your music Alice, I read Will.I.Am saw you across the room and made a beeline for you.  Can you tell me about that?

A. We were at an event together and he thought he knew me, he asked me to send a video of me singing.  I sent it and he was like ‘you’re amazing’ I flew over to Metropolis Studios and he’s been the most supportive person ever.

Q.  How important was meeting Will.I.Am to the career you have today?

A. Definitely, so important.  When I met him I was also beginning to talk to different labels, it all happened at once.  He spoke about me within the industry as well.

Q.  Radio 1 also introduced your track as Track of the Week and played your debut track Girls x Boys as best new pop. what’s it like to have a platform like Radio 1 support your music?

A. Incredible.  Well it’s my dream, they’ve been so supportive since Day 1.

Q. You cite Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as inspirations growing up.  How has listening to these big powerhouse singers inspired you as a singer yourself?

A. Technically and vocally 1000%.  I would study Celine since I was little, watching her videos trying to do her riffs.  Trying to reach her top notes in ‘All by myself’ I literally learnt off her.

Q.  So it must feel pretty amazing being here today, have you met Celine?

A. No I haven’t.

Q.  Do you think that’s likely?

A. I don’t know, I hope so.

Later that day Alice did indeed, meet ‘Queen’ Celine.

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