Attraction Review: Exploring Frightful London on the London Eye River Cruise

As the days grow shorter and the air turns colder, London embraces its centuries-old tales of spine-tingling intrigue.

This Halloween, the London Eye River Cruise presents ‘Fright on the Thames,’ a 40-minute boat ride along the River Thames. It’s a chilling yet enchanting journey through London’s haunted past. Whether you’re a couple in search of a romantically eerie evening or a family, it’s a memorable experience.

London Eye River Cruise

The cruise starts at 19:45 from Boarding Point 2. Be there by 19:30 to catch the boat. Tickets are £25 for adults and £21 for kids. You’ll get to see famous landmarks in a whole new, spooky light.

London Eye River Cruise

The journey unveils haunting stories of Jack the Ripper, Captain Kidd, and Old London Bridge. It’s suitable for ages 5 and up, so families can enjoy it together.

As the boat passes the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London, you’ll be surrounded by the mysterious Thames waters. It’s a unique look into London’s past.

London Eye River Cruise

A special mulled wine cocktail, called ‘Murky Mulled Whine,’ is included for adults. For younger guests, there are non-alcoholic drinks, so everyone can join in the fun.

Remember, this cruise doesn’t include London Eye entry, but it offers a different view of the city. It’s a circular tour, so you won’t miss anything.

If you want to stay warm, there’s indoor seating available, first-come, first-served. You can enjoy the spooky atmosphere in comfort.

We stayed outside but I think it was the last opportunity considering the air is getting colder now.


Halloween Cruise Highlights


The Gunpowder Plot
“Remember, remember the fifth of November…” This conspiracy, three years in the making, involved Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby, and others meeting at the Duck and Drake pub to discuss their plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament and assassinate the King. They stashed 36 barrels of gunpowder in a rented cellar beneath the House of Lords, accessible from the river. A last-minute anonymous warning thwarted the plot, leading to Fawkes’ arrest.

Disaster on the Thames
On September 3rd, 1878, the ill-fated Princess Alice sank in the Thames. The tragedy claimed the lives of hundreds, with some passengers heading to Rosherville’s pleasure gardens. The collision occurred near Gallions Reach involving the Princess Alice and the Bywell Castle.

Liz Stride and Jack the Ripper
Elizabeth Stride, a Swedish migrant, fabricated a story of surviving the Princess Alice disaster. This deception likely masked marital troubles. Stride later became one of Jack the Ripper’s victims, murdered on September 30th, 1888.

Jack the Ripper
This infamous serial killer terrorised London, leaving a trail of brutal murders. The true identity remains a mystery, but his attacks on the night of September 29th into the early hours of the 30th were particularly ruthless.

Roberto Calvi – God’s Banker
Calvi’s mysterious death in 1982 involved a false passport, a hanging, and the discovery of bricks and currency on his person. He was associated with the illegal masonic lodge P2.

Old London Bridge – Phantom Cries
The old London Bridge’s history is steeped in tragedy, including the expulsion of Jews in 1290 and gruesome executions. Some believe the ghostly cries emanate from these tormented souls.

Ghosts of the Underground
London’s Underground network, with its twisting tunnels, holds its share of paranormal activity. Kennington Loop, Bethnal Green, Aldgate Station, and Liverpool Street Station are known for spectral sightings.


Cleopatra’s Needle – Phantom Suicide
This ancient monument, a gift from Egypt in 1819, has seen its share of tragedy, including sailors’ drownings during its transport. Mocking laughter and screams have been reported around the obelisk.


Guy Fawkes Execution
Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament led to his arrest, torture, and eventual execution. His fate was to be hanged, drawn, and quartered, a gruesome punishment.


Ghost of Captain Kidd
William Kidd, known as Captain Kidd, was convicted of piracy and murder. His ghost is said to haunt Wapping, near Execution Dock, where he met his end.

Phantom Shantys
Sailors’ shanties, sung as they left port, capture the spirit of the sea. London’s maritime history is intertwined with pirates and privateers, leaving behind their own spectral legacy.


The Tower of London
The Tower of London, established in 1066, witnessed dark events, including Guy Fawkes’ imprisonment and execution. The Traitors’ Gate played a significant role in these grim tales.

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