Attraction review: Emotion Air at the Balloon Museum 

Emotion Air is an inflatable journey through feelings. See how my bestie Donatella and I did exploring emotions at the pop-up Balloon Museum.

In the lively heart of London’s Billingsgate district lies a magical place where art comes to life. Emotion Air is a temporary immersive experience that promises to lift your mood and delve into the human mind. In this detailed review, we’ll take a colourful tour of this interactive exhibit, looking at its themes, fun activities, visitor experiences, and what people have to say about it. From huge inflatable rabbits to exciting ball pits, Emotion Air offers a unique experience, inviting you to dive into a world of emotions.

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An Exciting Beginning

Nestled in the archways of London’s Old Billingsgate Walk, the Balloon Museum is a place of wonder and curiosity. As I entered this inflatable wonderland, I was greeted by a burst of colours and shapes, each balloon telling a story of emotion. Joined by my friend Donatella, we explored the range of feelings guided by the museum’s creators.

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A Journey Through Emotions: From Happiness to Anxiety

As we walked through the museum’s winding paths, we encountered a variety of emotions, each exhibit a vivid experience. From the joyful “Electric Moons” to the anxious oversized balloon rabbits, Emotion Air captures the complexities of feelings. The exhibits, though different, come together to tell a story, inviting us to think and feel.

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Hyperfeeling: Diving into Emotions

At the heart of Emotion Air is Hyperfeeling, a large pool of plastic balls that reflects our emotions. Here, amongst the colourful balls, visitors are encouraged to explore their feelings, both good and bad. Watching the emotions projected onto a descending ball, I felt connected to others, sharing our feelings together.

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Balloon Street: Where Imagination Rules

As our journey ended, we reached Balloon Street, a fun place for photos. From a balloon-filled phone box to a living room made of balloons, this area shows the museum’s commitment to fun. Enjoying a treat amongst the balloons, I thought about the joy of art and shared experiences.


What People Think: Different Opinions

While many people love Emotion Air for its creativity, others have concerns about the high price and crowds. Some enjoy its family-friendly atmosphere and opportunities for great photos. Others worry that it’s too commercial and loses its emotional impact.


More Than Just Balloons

Leaving Emotion Air behind, my bestie Donatella and I felt filled with memories of fun and laughter. Thinking about the power of art to connect us, I appreciated the museum’s role in bringing people together. If you’re in London before 18th February (2024), don’t miss this chance for an unforgettable adventure.

emotion air balloon museum collage

Visitor Information:

  • Location: 1 Old Billingsgate Walk, Central London
  • Opening Hours:
    • Monday to Thursday: 10 am – 7 pm (last admission 6 pm)
    • Friday: 10 am – 8 pm (last admission 7 pm)
    • Saturday: 9 am – 8 pm (last admission 7 pm)
    • Sunday: 9 am – 7 pm (last admission 6 pm)
  • Ticket Prices: £31 on the door, discounts available for online bookings and mailing list subscribers.
  • Accessibility: Children under a metre tall may not enter the ball pit.
  • Transport: Easily accessible from Tower Hill or Monument Tube Stations.
Come and explore your emotions at Emotion Air — the Balloon Museum is waiting for you!

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