Attraction review: Bubble Planet, an immersive experience

Bubble Planet offers an immersive experience for both adults and children, featuring 11 diverse zones filled with bubble-themed activities, VR technology, and interactive installations. Located near Wembley Stadium, the venue promises a multi-sensory journey through fantastical landscapes, making it an ideal choice for a family outing.

Bubble Planet

Entrance and Atmosphere: Upon entering Bubble Planet, visitors are greeted by a spacious but chaotic setup. The grounds feature an inviting igloo and trippy music, setting the tone for the spherical-themed adventure. The atmosphere is vibrant, reflecting the colourful and playful nature of the experience. I fell asleep in the igloo. It was very relaxing lying down on the bean bags listening to Himalayan bowls chanting. 

Immersive Zones: The 11 immersive zones cater to various preferences, with notable highlights including two ball pits – one with larger balls and another with smaller ones. The interactive elements, such as a machine creating a ball shower and inflatable bubble bath mimicking, add an extra layer of entertainment for both children and adults.

The infinity room, a staple in many interactive experiences, is well-executed, offering a visually stunning optical illusion with colour-changing bubbles. The gaming stations, featuring activities like bubble gum-blowing and target-hitting, provide enjoyable challenges.

The virtual reality experience stands out, offering a wild and brilliant 8-minute journey where visitors become bubbles. The incorporation of bubble seats enhances the feeling of weightlessness, contributing to the overall immersive effect.

Educational Elements: Bubble Planet incorporates informative infographic boards detailing famous bubbles worldwide, adding an educational touch to the entertainment. Quotes from notable figures, such as Pele and Gandhi, further enrich the experience. Some quotes attributed to Italian poets seemed made up, to be honest. Questionable quotations but anyhow, the overall impression is to educate about the sphere. 

Bubble Planet

Suitability for Different Audiences: Bubble Planet caters to a wide audience, ensuring enjoyment for children, adults, or mixed groups. The inclusion of child-friendly elements like ball pits contrasts with Instagrammable features like the infinity room, appealing to diverse preferences.

The experience concludes with a room filled with traditional bubbles and a gift shop offering overpriced items. 

Practical Information: Bubble Planet recommends approximately an hour for the experience, but visitors may find themselves captivated for longer. It took us two hour to complete it in full relaxation.

Tickets are reasonably priced, starting at £13.90, with under-4s admitted for free. Additional amenities include restrooms, a cloakroom (£2 per item), and optional VR experiences (£3 per person).

Visitor Reviews: Feedback from visitors, including members of the London Mums’ kids club, indicates a positive reception. The immersive visuals and sound effects receive acclaim, with particular enjoyment expressed by teenagers. Some visitors note additional charges for certain attractions, such as the VR experience, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious attendees.

Location: Unit 22 Fulton Road, Fulton Road Industrial Units 22-28, Wembley Park, Wembley, HA9 0NP, London

Recommendation: Bubble Planet emerges as a must-experience immersive attraction in London, offering a diverse and entertaining journey through bubble-themed realms. Suitable for all ages, the experience provides value for both families and individuals seeking a unique and visually captivating adventure.

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