A night of Country magic: Morgan Wallen dazzles at BST Hyde Park

On the 4th of July, 2024, BST Hyde Park was transformed into a country music haven as Morgan Wallen ’s One Night At A Time World Tour made an unforgettable stop. The concert was a perfect gathering for all ages, creating an inclusive and joyous atmosphere that saw little kids perched on their dads’ shoulders and older couples swaying to the music together. The family-friendly vibes resonated through the crowd, making it a special night for everyone.

Morgan Wallen at BST Hyde Park on 4th July 2024

Morgan Wallen at BST Hyde Park on 4th July 2024 Photo by @jrcmccord


The Atmosphere and Audience

The diverse crowd at Hyde Park highlighted the universal appeal of Wallen’s music. Fans of all ages, races, and backgrounds converged to immerse themselves in the anthems that have soundtracked their lives. Children dressed as mini Morgans and couples in matching homemade shirts showcased the sense of community that Wallen’s music fosters. The palpable excitement and camaraderie among the attendees transcended the typical boundaries of a music event.

The Show

Amidst a whirlwind of lights, pyrotechnics, and boundless energy, Morgan Wallen took centre stage. With a repertoire of twenty-five hit songs spanning four stages, he bridged the gap between performer and audience with ease. Wallen’s undeniable connection with his fans was the true highlight of the evening. As he belted out chart-topping hits, the crowd sang along with fervour, matching his every move and amplifying the electric atmosphere.

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen Photo by @ISHASHAHPHOTOGRAPHY_

A Star’s Journey

Wallen’s journey to stardom began on The Voice in 2014, where he initially joined Adam Levine’s team after being stolen from Team Usher. Although he didn’t win and was eliminated in the playoffs, this exposure set the stage for his future success. Fast forward to today, and Wallen’s legacy is firmly cemented with chart-topping albums, a plethora of hit singles, and sold-out tours that leave fans clamouring for more.

Personal Reflections

Having attended many concerts, I can confidently say that Morgan Wallen’s performance at BST Hyde Park was engaging and energetic. There’s nothing better than British summer festivals for a rock chick like myself. The outdoor setting of Hyde Park, with fans sitting on blankets between sets and standing up to dance during performances, created a unique and vibrant atmosphere. Every spot in the park provided a great view, as Wallen ensured that no fan was left out of the experience.

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The Verdict

Though Wallen’s show was thoroughly enjoyable, I must admit that it didn’t quite reach the heights of other recent performances at BST Hyde Park, like those by Kings of Leon, Paolo Nutini, and The Vaccines. Those acts set an exceptionally high bar with their electrifying rock performances. However, Wallen’s country charm and musicianship brought a different flavour to the festival, and his performance was still a delight.


Billed as one of the biggest country music events ever to take place in Britain, day three of American Express presents BST Hyde Park went off in great style today, with Tennessee-born singer-songwriter, Morgan Wallen headlining the Great Oak Stage. A backstage skit played on the big screens, following Wallen as he made his way from his dressing room to the stage. Appearing in a white shirt and trousers with a blue Field and Stream cap, he beamed: “My name’s Morgan Wallen and it’s an honour and a privilege to be here with you tonight… I can honestly say I never thought I would be celebrating the 4th of July in London, that’s for damn sure. But…you guys have already made me feel right at home and I just want to say thank you in advance if that’s the way you’re going to treat me for the rest of the night!”

Wallen promised an ecstatic audience that he would play “as many songs as I can”, and he kept to his word, kicking off his mighty set with “Ain’t That The Same” and “I Wrote The Book” before pulling out “One Thing At A Time”, “Everything I Love”, “‘98 Braves”, “Sunrise” and “I had Some Help” – the latter a cover of rapper Post Malone’s track, on which Wallen features.

The country music star made sure to address his dedicated fan base, some of whom had travelled all the way from the US to see their hero. “They told me before [that] there’s about 50,000 people in here tonight… I just want to say I’m humbled and honoured,” he noted. “…And that I’m the first country music artist to play the Hyde Park stage like this is a bad ass thing, so thank you guys so much for making this possible and thank you for loving my music from so far away.” Wallen continued to thrill fans with an energetic stage performance, before then walking through the crowd to a B Stage positioned further back into the crowd – high-fiving everyone as he went.

There, Wallen continued with “Cover Me Up”, “Lies Lies Lies” – which was recorded at Abbey Road studios earlier this year, and will be released at midnight tonight – and slowed the pace right down by taking to the piano for “Sand In My Boots”. Returning to the main stage to continue his set, he unleashed “Up Down”, “Whiskey Glasses” and “Cowgirls”, a duet with Wallen’s good friend and support act, Ernest. The night came to a climax with a three-song encore featuring “Thinkin’ About Me”, “Last Night” and “The Way I Walk” and a tremendous fireworks display, as Wallen bid the crowd goodnight.

One of my favourite moments was Wallen’s superb performance of “Last Night,” which resonated deeply with the crowd and showcased his talent brilliantly. His connection with the audience during this song was particularly memorable, and it was clear why he remains a beloved figure in the country music scene.

Morgan Wallen ’s gig at BST Hyde Park was a wonderful celebration of country music, community, and energy. While it may not have surpassed the heights of the rock acts that came before him, it was a night that will be fondly remembered by all who attended. Wallen’s performance reinforced his position as one of the leading artists in country music today. If you ever have the chance to see him live, it’s well worth the experience!

American Express presents BST Hyde Park continues today, Friday 5 July, with Andrea Bocelli and his special guests, Hanz Zimmer, Seal, Zucherro, Nadine Sierra, Isabel Leonard, Loren Allred, Andrea Griminelli, Rusanda Panfili, Luca Micheletti, Joaquina and Virginia Bocelli. Plus, Katherine Jenkins, Matteo Bocelli, Jamie Duffy, Billy Lockett, Cuca Roseta, Dardust, Olivia Belli and Ayanna Witter-Johnson.

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