10 Things to do around London after lockdown

Life right now is not normal.

With sweeping lockdowns set to kick in throughout the United Kingdom later this week, much of the country is looking forward to the day where the lockdown will once again lift.

Whispers of a COVID-19 vaccine are circulating throughout the world, giving us hope of a new world of normalcy.

Travel and tourism have halted worldwide, as has domestic travel. Activities we once took for granted are now a luxury as our homes have become our offices, restaurants, entertainment venues, and nights out (or, in, I suppose).

In anticipation for the day in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future when the lockdown lifts, here are 10 things to do in and around London once the UK gets back up and running: 

Visit an escape room

Head over to Croydon for an escape room experience like none other. 

It’s 1957, and the Cold War is complicating both international and domestic relationships. Secrets are emerging from all crevices of the Earth. British officials have raided a flat and captured a spy. While they interrogate him, you must investigate the area.

Uncover the secret before the 60 minutes are up. The fate of Britain is in your hands!

Work as a team to find clues and solve the puzzles of the Croydon spy before the time runs out. Escape rooms are a great way to spend an evening with your extended family, a group of friends, or your colleagues. 

Visit the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square

Van Gogh. Da Vinci. Rembrandt. Turner. Gainsborough. 

Some of the most well-known and famous European artists have their original artwork displayed in the National Gallery.

One of the best parts? Admittance is free. 

Pick up your audio guide and connect, or re-connect, with some of the most storied works in history.

Jump into The Great Gatsby

Head over to Immersive LDN and step into the 1920s as The Great Gatsby is brought to life. Throw on your best 1920s gear and make sure to pack a big cigar for this interactive performance that makes you feel like you are at one of Jay’s infamous house parties. The event is a masquerade ball, adding to the spook and suspense of the evening. 

Don’t worry, social distancing regulations are enforced at this event.

Go to an Arsenal or Chelsea match

Remember football?

Me too, barely.

Some of London’s most storied and famous football teams have been playing without capacity crowds for some time now. Won’t it be wonderful to wear your colors and scream for your team once more?

Make sure you freshen up on the table before you head out with your pals. You don’t want to seem like you haven’t been keeping up with the league.

Party on the roof

Pubs, bars, and clubs are closed. Again.

Once the lockdown is history, head to one of the many rooftop bars around London for a night of laughter, fun, dancing, and drinking. Grab your partner or get the crew together for a rare night out and enjoy the view from up above as London’s lights shine down below.

Don’t forget to tip the barkeep.

Eat at a restaurant

It could be months before the lockdown is over. That means a lot of cooking at home, ordering in, and hoping you get what you ordered from market delivery apps.

After you’re able to dine indoors once again without worrying about when or not to wear a mask, indulge yourself.

Get the lobster if you want it. Order the top shelf wine you’ve been contemplating for three years every time you head to this restaurant.

Or, get some fish and chips and call it a night.

Enjoy a family day at the London Zoo

Being outside, and more importantly, in and around nature, is essential to most human beings’ happiness. Connecting with other life forms can boost mood, lower heart disease, and regenerate brain cells after just 20 minutes. Being around wild animals also stimulates brain activity.

Head to the world-famous London Zoo with your whole family where you have the opportunity to see over 750 species of animals. That’s a lot.

Shop on Oxford Street

Are you getting a little anxious about your wardrobe?

Have you gained a stone or two since the lockdown started?

If you’re like many people worldwide, your life has become considerably more stagnant since COVID-19 hit. 

Or maybe your fear of missing out on all the new designer trousers and handbags has your anxiety through the roof.

Whatever the reason, there’s no better place than Oxford Street. Bring out the credit card or only window shop. The choice is yours.

See The Woman in Black

For theatre lovers, not being able to see a play, a musical, or even a movie in an enclosed place takes away from a considerable chunk of entertainment time.

One of the most critically-acclaimed plays in recent memory is the ghost story horror thriller titled The Woman in Black.

The two-person play tells the story of a lawyer with a grave secret. 

Even if you’re not a fan of the theatre, why would you miss out on seeing a live performance?

Go up the O2

Buckle up for this 90-minute climb on top of and over one of the world’s most popular entertainment venues. Clip yourself to the walkway and ascend. 

Get great views of the city during this challenging and rewarding experience. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Are you up to the adventure?

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