London is probably the best city in the world in terms of activities for families and children including lots of free activities and events. We list here lots of initiatives that we believe London Mums and their children from babies to teenagers would enjoy especially at the most entertaining places such as the Science Museum, The V&A, Kew Gardens, Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Greenwich, West End shows, the London Eye, the London Aquarium, Kingston upon Thames, Chelsea, SouthBank and so much more.

A guide to keeping children entertained on an overwhelming trip to London

A trip to London can be wonderful but also daunting for young children. Our beautiful capital offers a bewildering array of spectacular sights to see, foods to eat and places to visit. If you’re a very young person, it can be easy to be swept along by the hustle-bustle of the place, and thus families visiting the city will want to pick out the locations that aren’t quite so overwhelming, and take a few steps to make the crowds a bit less intimidating.


How to Get Around

The most practical and economical way to get from one place to another in London is using the underground system. But this is a place where crowds are at their densest, and (let’s face it) it’s easy to miss a small child when you’re pushing and shoving to get onto a crowded carriage. Make sure that your children are prepared for the experience, and that you keep hold of them throughout. Another idea might be to take different forms of transport, like buses and taxis – though your choice might ultimately lead to you spending more money.


Getting around an unfamiliar city can be draining, especially if you’re looking after children. Having to keep your wits about you constantly will stress you out, even if your children are nonplussed. The best antidote to this is to leave yourself enough time to get from place to place, and to set aside an hour or so for lunch.

When your children begin to complain that they’re hungry, you might find that you’re not within easy reach of a restaurant – so pack several rounds of snacks in your backpack. The same goes for bottled water, which you’ll need if you’re going to be spending the entire day on your feet. Naturally, it’s also worth looking at where the toilets are at all of the attractions you visit – as you don’t want to be caught out when you’re in the middle of a long tube trip.

What activities are best for families with children?

Many of the best places to visit for children are to be found in the immediate vicinity of London Bridge. There’s HMS Belfast, an enormous WWII cruiser with nine decks to explore; there’s the Unicorn Theatre, which is dedicated to producing ‘inspiring and invigorating work for young audiences; then, of course, there’s the bridge itself. A train from Dartford to London Bridge takes mere minutes, so it’s easy to plan a trip to this part of the city.

The Natural History Museum provides children with an unforgettable glimpse into the past. From the eye-popping ever-presents like the dinosaur skeletons, to temporary exhibitions like the upcoming Museum of the Moon, there’s always something here that’ll capture a child’s imagination.

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