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7 Interesting games for your kid’s birthday party

Children always look forward to their birthday as they are excited and know that their parents will throw a fantastic party to make their day even more special. Jokes apart, but organizing a birthday party can be an arduous task sometimes. Some parents find it hard to find the perfect party games for their child’s birthday. 

Parents and their kids have a generation gap, and the former often don’t know what most of the kids would like to eat or what kinds of games they would like to play. So, here we have gathered a list of about seven birthday party games that your child and their friends would love to play! Read on! 

  • Musical Chairs

We all are well aware of this classic game and how much it is loved by children and adults equally. But, for those of you who aren’t acquainted, here you go. 

For instance, if there are 15 kids at your child’s birthday party, put out 14 chairs in the playing arena and play some music. 

In musical chairs, the children should keep running around the chairs until the music stops. As and when the music stops, the children will rush to get a seat for themselves. 

The kid who fails to sit on a chair is declared out, and one seat is lessened. The game continues till two kids are left to fight for a single chair; whoever sits wins! 


  • Pass the Parcel 

This game needs a bit of preparation, but if you give it a try, then it could turn out to be the major hit of the evening. 

All you need is a small gift or anything that you know will fascinate your child and her friends, and you can wrap it up with many layers of gift wrap. 

This wrapped gift becomes the parcel that needs to be passed on while the music plays. 

When the music stops, whichever kid is found holding the parcel is out. The game will go down to the final person standing. Whoever remains in the end wins! 


  • Scrabble

Scrabble is a classic game that kids love to play. Kids can improve their vocabulary, and the game boosts their confidence and a word bank. 

The kids can be divided into groups, or they could even play it all together. All one needs to do is create words and challenge the opponents. They can even exchange their tiles if they wish to. This game can get very exciting, and make sure that you keep track of every child’s points. 

Moreover, if you want your kid to win, you can always help them with any letter words like 5 letter words or 6 letter words using a quick word generator online!


  • Lemon-Spoon race 

This game fascinates and brims up excitement in every kid’s heart. As a child, we used to love it too, didn’t we? Take the kids into the garden and line them up. 

You will need a lot of tablespoons and lemons for this game. You have to place the lemons carefully on the kids’ spoon and count down till three, and boom! 

If the lemons fall in the middle of the race, the kids should put them back on their spoons and continue. 

Although, you must advise the kids that slow and steady wins the race. The child who will be able to finish the race with the lemon intact will succeed! 


  • Pin the tail on the donkey

Fix a donkey poster onto the wall (readily available online) and blindfold the participants one at a time, give them a spin and ask them to draw the donkey’s tail. 

The kid who can place the tail with the most accuracy wins! You can even try other games like pinning a beard on the dwarf, pinning a tail on the mermaid, etc. 


  • Treasure Hunt

This is one of the most cherished games of all time. Kids love to dig into a treasure hunt game as their curiosity widens. These setups can be straightforward. 

Divide the kids into groups of two to three, depending on the total number of children. Make sure that the kids make a strong team. 

You must hide goodies and clues around the arena and give the kids a time limit to search for the hint. The clues must point to the central hidden entity. 

Make sure that the clues aren’t very tough. Whichever group of children finds the main hidden gift or thing wins the game! 


  • Sack Race 

To play a sack race, you will need some burlap sacks, or you could even use some big pillow covers. To reduce the number of sacks, you could have a relay race. 

The players have to jump till the end of the race. The first player or the first team member who can cross the finishing line before the other kids, wins the race! 


Final Thoughts

Children love to play games with their friends, and playing such fun games at birthday parties can be even more eventful! We hope that this article helped you find the best games for your kid’s birthday. 

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