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3 Pony Horse Breeds Perfect For Children


Fans of the outdoor? Here are 3 Pony Horse Breeds that are perfect for children.


As any parent of a keen young rider will know, there comes a point where your child begins to ask for a horse of their own. No longer content with riding school ponies they have to share, and they begin to nurture a dream of ownership.



Shetland pony


If you decide to look into capitulating to the dream of your keen young equestrian, you are at the beginning of a long road. There’s a lot to consider on that road; stabling, time management, costs, and so on and so forth. However, perhaps the biggest decision you will have to make is the breed on which you focus your search.


Below are three options perfect for children of all ages. Whether you’re the parent of a very young child or a teenager, you’ll find a breed that will be a perfect match for your circumstances.


Shetland Pony


For a young child, you can’t go far wrong with the classic Shetland pony. Shetlands are hyper-intelligent and known for their calm, sweet, and gentle nature. If your child is nervous about riding and needs to gain confidence, you really can’t go far wrong with a Shetland.


It is inevitable that your child will eventually grow out of these sweet ponies, as Shetlands don’t grow much beyond 11.2hh. However, for the time you have a Shetland in your child’s life, you can be guaranteed a lot of fun and enjoyment.



Welsh Ponies & Cobs


Welsh cobs vary in height, which is split into sections:


  • Section A Welsh Pony: At under 12hh, Welsh ponies are similar to Shetlands in stature.
  • Section B Welsh Pony: 12-13.2hh
  • Section C Welsh Cob: Section C cobs tend to be more substantial in bone structure so they appear larger and broader than the pony class, despite still only reaching up to 13.2hh.
  • Section D Welsh Cob bear closer resemblance to the anatomy of a horse than a pony. They can reach up to 15hh.


So no matter what the age of your child, there’s a good chance there is a Welsh Pony or Cob to suit your family!


There’s plenty of reason to focus on the Welsh class when looking for a pony or horse for your child. The breed is incredibly intelligent, with a sweetness to their nature that younger riders will find reassuring, while Section Ds carry the same character while being a suitable size for teenagers.



Irish Sport Horse


As your child grows, you may find their height and weight requires a switch from pony to horse. While some ponies — such as the aforementioned Welsh Cob — are fantastic at carrying heavier riders, by the time your child is an older teenager, it might be time to progress.


So what should you look for? An Irish Sport horse might be the perfect solution. A cross between Thoroughbred and Irish draught horses, Irish Sports are intelligent and spirited — without being too difficult to handle. They are able to tackle a variety of different pursuits from polo through to everyday riding, as well as having seemingly boundless stamina — perfect for those long hacks over the summer.

In Conclusion


Of course, all of the above are generalisations. Horses and pony have individual characters just like we humans do; somewhere, there must be a bad-tempered Shetland or an Irish Sport who lacks for energy. However, for the most part, the characteristics are remarkably consistent through each breed. If you’re considering buying a horse or pony for your child, you can’t go far wrong with the suggestions above.

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