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Christmas books for kids – part 2

Nov 24 2018

Here are some books for kids to make you go ho-ho-ho! London Mums have selected an array of seasonal picture book treats and brilliant early reader books which are guaranteed to make you chuckle. 

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Books for kids: Legendary Journeys about space and trains

Nov 25 2017

There’s something about spacecrafts and trains that fascinates children and parents alike. There’s a new beautiful book series called Legendary Journeys dedicated to those engineering wonders that we will never stop admiring.  


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Books that make history fun for kids

Jan 08 2015

History is so fascinating but can be quite complicated and daunting for kids. As parents we need to support teachers’ efforts to to make children curious about the reasons behind crucial historical events that help us understand the world we live in and the news we hear on a daily basis. Horrible Histories are doing a great job about this as they incorporate fun and silly facts to make history fun for kids. There are a lot of new books out there which I wish I had when I was at school. Here are my and my 8 year old son Diego’s favourite ones.

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Christmas Gifts ideas: BOOKS FOR KIDS

Nov 26 2014

Books make great presents on any occasion. My house looks like a library and despite loving technology I cannot replace the pleasure of turning paper pages for an electronic book. Beautifully-illustrated books are also much more enjoyable when watched on paper.

Here is London Mums’ top selection of books for kids for this Christmas.

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Kids’ Books: Cat and Mouse stories

Jul 10 2014

Cat and mouse is an old  English-language expression meaning constant pursuit and never-ending contest with no winners. The cat is unable to secure a definitive victory over the mouse, who despite not being able to defeat the cat, is able to escape. Stories based on this cat and mouse game are classic now with Tom & Jerry being the most famous of all.

Everyone seems to sympathise with the mouse but then they feel for the cat when he suffers from the mouse’s painful traps.

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