I Wanna Be … Snow White

The Snow White or rather Schneewittchen story is an interesting one. Published by the Grimm brothers in 1812 in their first collection of Grimms' Fairy Tails the story had the elements we know from the Disney version like the magic mirror, the poisoned apple, the glass coffin, the evil queen and the seven dwarfs but there are some real differences. In the original story the evil Queen makes three attempts on Snow White's life, the first being a silky laced bodice which she laces up so tight that Snow White faint sand is left for dead. The second and equally bizarre murder attempt involved a poisoned comb which once again only makes Snow White faint. After the incident with the poisoned apple and the Prince finding her in a glass coffin Snow White is once again revived when the servants carrying off the coffin for the Prince fall over some roots and the "poisoned" apple falls out of her throat. This leads me to perhaps wonder about the effectiveness of the Evil Queen's poison and thinking that perhaps the seven dwarfs should have at least attempted the Heimlich Maneuver. The ending of the Grimms' tale is much darker than it's Disney counterpart as the Evil Queen is forced to dance in front of newly coronated Queen Snow White in pair of glowing hot iron shoes until she is dead. It does sound a bit harsh but when you consider the Queen's earlier attempt at cannibalism (she thought she was eating Snow White's lungs and liver that the Huntsman brought back for her after "killing" Snow White in the woods) it doesn't seem that bad. Digital-Art-SnowWhite-Award-Winning Creating a Bespoke Image Each and every one of our "I Wanna Be ..." projects are bespoke and created especially for each and every person who purchases one of our I Wanna Be ..." packages. We don't cut and paste faces onto already created artworks and everything we do from the photography of the models to the digital artwork is done inhouse at Memory Gate. When we created this homage to Snow White we felt that whilst it was important to have  a reference to the Disney adaptation (the costume and the woodland creatures) we also wanted there to be some of the darkness that the Grimm Brothers' fairy tail has. We also didn't want to make this image too much of a cartoon like quality which is why we used photos of real birds and the stag behind the tree. As an "I Wanna Be ..." project, this might not appeal to younger children but there is a slight nod towards young Twilight fans. In fact whilst discussing our fabulous model's favourite things I'm sure I recall vampires entering the list. Award Winning Digital Art  This particular image has be awarded a Gold in the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers 2014 monthly competition under the Digital Art category. We are especially proud of this image as it is our first award winning creation to come out of our new studio in 2014. Out of the 14 Gold awards that were presented in January from the 28 categories and hundreds of entries our image also came out on top and won the Judges Choice Award. The Photography Session The model in this image was photographed on a plain white background in our portrait studio at Eddie Catz Wimbledon. We took a number of different poses and made a few outfit changes throughout the session which lasted about an hour. Editing  This image is a composite of a number of different images and has a variety of digital enhancements made to it. This is all done exclusively in Adobe Photoshop CC. All editing is done by Marcin at the Memory Gate studio. The Finished Artwork We do supply a digital copy of the finished image with all of our "I Wanna Be ..." Projects but they really only come alive when presented and displayed as a finished piece. The choice for this image was a canvas textured print mounted on wood into a dark treated oak frame. A sample of this artwork can be seen first hand in our Wimbledon studio. Your "I Wanna Be ..." Project If you'd like a similar artwork to adorn your walls then these sessions can be booked in our online shop or by calling 0203 662 0836. For more details visit the "I Wanna Be ..." page on our website. The only limits we have are your children's imaginations.

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