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Art workshop – all ages – 21 September 2014

Sep 21 2014
Made for Move Exhibition

Original art from the Move exhibition body of work is making its own move to the Doodle Bar for the coming months. From 19 September onwards a selection of collage and paintings will be exhibited. To celebrate, the Doodle Bar is hosting a drop-in art workshop on Sunday, 21 September from midday until late. 

The open workshop with a visual artist will construct a group sculpture from paper, card, found objects and light armature. All ages and levels of talent are welcome to drop in anytime in the afternoon or evening of 21 September to help create the new piece of art which will then become part of the Move exhibition body of work.

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Decorating for Family Parties

Jun 15 2014
Family Parties

It’s Summer and for once the weather is being kind, so planning a party outdoors might not be such a silly idea. Start with a gazebo, to give cover as needed and you’ll find you can dress it to suit an event for anyone from 5 to 95. Here are some tips to decorate your house and garden for Family Parties.

About Diane Harvey-White

With a background in theatre and television design, I retrained when my children were small in interiors. Twelve years on, I still enjoy helping clients get the best out of their homes and prefer to focus on their lifestyle and needs rather than trends. I also write an interiors blog to inspire new homeowners to get creative,

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Five Ingenious Storage Solutions for Your Home

Jun 12 2014
home image with couch Momentum_SS_05_HRresize_RGB

We’re already mid-year, my goodness! I thought to mix it up a bit rather than my usual Q&A sessions, I’d compile all my super storage advice for you into one article, as a large majority of questions I get asked are regarding those tricky areas. My mother taught me that the best solution for clutter is a garbage bag and a cool head. But after you’ve discarded all unnecessary trinkets, what happens to the items you actually need? The truth is, if you have belongings, you will need storage, and the key to great storage is finding a place for items that does not infringe upon open space and adds a certain je ne sais quoi. I have compiled the clever storage solutions below because they exemplify great storage, allowing you to stow items proudly, in the open, without interfering with a room’s design.

About Aneliese Deane

I work for Landmark Lofts as a design consultant and here to help London Mums with their home improvements, decorating, space-saving techniques and maintaining a sense of style :)

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Four Fun Ideas for the Bank Holiday

May 15 2014
home improvement Outside Lifestyle Patio Porch Summer Backyard

With the weather heating up and the final May bank holiday on the horizon, I have three major tasks on my agenda: fun, fun and home improvement. After talking with friends and getting some great suggestions for family friendly fun (try saying that five times fast!) as well as quaint home renovation ideas, there is no reason why the two concepts have to be mutually exclusive. Feel free to hitch your wagon to any of these stellar ideas for a bit of well-deserved entertainment with the kiddies and simple upgrades designed to make your home feel fresh, after all, the next bank holiday is on its way – ok, three months, but there won’t be much time to spruce up your home until August!

About Aneliese Deane

I work for Landmark Lofts as a design consultant and here to help London Mums with their home improvements, decorating, space-saving techniques and maintaining a sense of style :)

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Gardening Lab for Kids: Rock Bugs

Apr 27 2014
Gardening Lab for Kids Rock bugs

Kids love spending time outdoor and we should encourage them to get muddy exploring nature, mini beasts and being creative with things found in the garden. A new book called Gardening Lab for Kids has the perfect project for young children called Rock Bugs which is easily explained and illustrated here.

About Monica Costa

Monica Costa founded London Mums in September 2006 after her son Diego’s birth together with a group of mothers who felt the need of meeting up regularly to share the challenges and joys of motherhood in metropolitan and multicultural London. London Mums is the FREE and independent peer support group for mums and mumpreneurs based in London and you can connect on Twitter @londonmums

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