Family Camping essentials


I have recently read a worrying survey published in the Post Office Money annual Parents’ Summer Spending report which shows that parents will spend £468 entertaining their children this Summer. Fun holidays don't need to be so expensive! Recently I went camping at Cornbury Music Festival and I realised how cheap kids' entertainment at family camping can be. Over half of parents (52 per cent) are worried about covering the cost of entertaining their children during the school holidays, but while camping, children can browse freely outdoor and play all day making new friends. That is good-old-times type of fun which is great for developing social skills that our urban children seem to lack (none excluded). Family camping essentials that came useful during my wild experience include the following items.  


Sleeping bags for camping


When my son was a baby could only sleep in sleeping bags because he moved too much over night and without these sacks he would have slept without a blanket all night. Then sleeping bags with feet came along and he started walking in them. I always wanted to try and sleep in one of those wonderful sacks... Call me crazy but now even parents can wear them. Now I have found them in big sizes. These are perfect for the Summer while camping but can be reused as normal pyjamas or onesies in Winter nights. The genius behind this new product is one of the first London Mums in my network, Karina Grassy of Slumbersac. Read her inspirational story here. I love the quality of these bags.    

More family camping essentials

  Whether it's glamping, caravaning or full on pitch-a-tent camping you're into, I found most items for our family camping from Flying Tiger which has everything to make the outdoor trip more enjoyable! Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a global Danish design store that sells stuff which puts a smile on people's face. And all at surprisingly affordable prices.      

Cool bag, £4 - Available from Flying Tiger stores across London. Find your nearest store at

Picnic wine glass, £2 - Available from Flying Tiger stores across London. Find your nearest store at



Solar LED hanging lights, £2 - Available from Flying Tiger stores across London. Find your nearest store at

Available from Flying Tiger stores across London. Find your nearest store at


Available from Flying Tiger stores across London. Find your nearest store at




Sun cream for sensitive skin


Dead Sea Spa Magik SunSafe Lightening Crème (50ml, £15.95) Dead Sea Spa Magik SunSafe Lightening Crème is an anti-ageing, water resistant cream designed to even out skin tones – great for areas of pigmentation such as age spots and dark spots – and protect the skin against harmful UV rays.

Summer is hopefully on its way again and when the sun comes out so does our skin! Sudden changes in climate can wreak havoc on our skin and it’s important to protect it from harmful rays now more than ever before. With this in mind, London Mums have been looking for sun scream products for sensitive skin and found some of the best include new sun care range SunSafe SPF50 for summer 2017 by leading mineral skincare experts Dead Sea Spa Magik, exclusively sold in health retail giant Holland & Barrett.

Dead Sea Spa Magik SunSafe Magic Lotion (75ml, RRP £9.95) Dead Sea Spa Magik SunSafe Magic Lotion mirror-effects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It bounces them away from the surface of your skin and helps protect it from harmful IVA and UVB rays. The mineral-rich formula is easily absorbed and waterproof, great for all skin types. Perfect for those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, Dead Sea Spa Magik is kind to the most sensitive skin types. Hypoallergenic too, SunSafe Magic Lotion is great for adults and children.

Dead Sea Spa Magik range seem perfect for all members of the family and provide all round protection from UVA & UVB rays, and all are light-weight easily absorbed formulas that are waterproof for up to eight hours. The entire range is “free from” common allergens and even suitable for those following a gluten and dairy free lifestyle, as well as vegetarians and vegans.

Dead Sea Spa Magik SunSafe Clear Spray (150ml, £15.95) - Dead Sea Spa Magik SunSafe Clear Spray provides advanced UVA and UVB protection. Helping to protect against sun-induced skin damage and the early ageing effects of the sun’s harmful rays; SunSafe Clear Spray goes non-greasy, water resistant formula. Clear when applied, the spray quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves no white marks! Rich in Dead Sea minerals, SunSafe Clear Spray is great for sensitive skin types too.

What I like the most about this range is its high absorbency and delicate natural scent. All products tested are made with unique blends of marine minerals and plant extracts which are gentle on the skin. I also like the fact that all creams are waterproof for up to eight hours, as well as deeply hydrating. It is also invisible and does not leave those nasty white marks that I hate especially when on the beach. Dead Sea Spa Magik’s new SunSafe range for SS17 is currently exclusive to Holland & Barrett stores and only.    


The Original Shewee

I am a bit fussy about hygiene so I was recommended the original SHEWEE, a female urinating device. I used it and it was brilliant. Excuse me for being a bit gross, but I loved the fact that I could take a wee whilst standing, without removing any of my clothing. A totally indispensable item!



Fidget toys

To ensure kids are always busy, in dull moments for example when driving or flying to places they can entertain themselves with fidget toys. Our kids' club has chosen Thumb Chucks skill toy and SpinZipz spinners describing them as the coolest fidget toys for the Summer of 2017.


Endless tricks and lit-up in colour, they are perfect fidgets for festivals and summer events. Entertainment on the go, mastering tricks also look great on social media posts and get huge views! They are great talking pieces on air too! Taking social media by storm, Thumb Chucks are the hottest skill toy to be seen with. Massively addictive, Thumb Chucks from Zing Toys are easy to learn, but challenging to master. Impossible to put down until the next new trick is mastered, they light up and come in a range of cool colours. Mastering tricks and uploading your videos online unlocks new coloured, interchangeable belts that players can use to flaunt their skill status. Players upload and showcase tricks with special effects on social media with the Thumb Chucks App and watch new trick tutorials by the Thumb Chucks guru online. £7.99 RRP. SpinZipz fidget spinners - NEW in UK – featured by Jason Bradbury and on Live with Kelly and Ryan (US Chat Show) Attracting millions of views on YouTube and Social Media, Zing Toy’s souped-up spinner range is now available in the UK. SpinZipz and SpinBladez stands out from the crowd with its distinctive coloured LED lights and stackable features, perfect for day and night play. Connect two spinners for double up light effect! The range includes two styles; two blade Spin Zipz (£7.99rrp) and three blade Spinbladez (£9.99rrp). Thumb Chucks and Spinners are part of Zing Toys new Every Day Play Range which introduce unique new skill toys that are incredible cool to play with. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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