Calling all health nuts! Want to get physical with the cast of Disney Channel’s mega new musical show, The Lodge? London Mums quizzed the gang for the lowdown on all things health and fitness – and discovered some top tips along the way… Whoop!


Sophie Simnett plays Skye in The Lodge…


What does health and fitness mean to you, Sophie?

Health and fitness means a lot to me. I have a really complicated diet, but I like to keep active and I try to eat healthily when I can. I play lacrosse and I really like being outdoors, but I also love cooking from scratch. A big part of trying to keep healthy is knowing what goes into your dinner. It’s a good idea to be able to understand what are healthy things to eat and to balance them with the more exciting things in peoples’ diets.


What outdoor activities will we see in The Lodge?

I had to rock climb and kayak in The Lodge, which was a lot of fun. Myself and Luke Newton – who plays Ben – had to learn to rock climb because he takes me on a rock climbing date in the show. In order for us to shoot the scene, we had to practice in London, so we went to a climbing centre a few times to learn the ropes.

How would you spend the perfect day outside?

I’d probably go on a big hike with lots of dogs. It would be me and 100 dogs on a massive walk, along with some friends! We’d have a nice picnic and then we’d go swimming. In fact, we’d go swimming at night and it would be a camping trip. Oh, and we’d also be hula-hooping! I like this question. We’d spend the day walking, swimming, camping and hula-hooping with dogs and friends. That’s my idea of the perfect active day. Bliss!  


Luke Newton plays Ben in the show…  

What does health and fitness mean to you, Luke?

Myself and Thomas Doherty – who plays Sean in the show – are quite keen on keeping our physical activity regular, so we go to the gym most evenings after work. I’ve had to do a lot of exercise to keep up with the physical aspect of the show. That’s why we train in the gym most evenings after filming has finished.

What outdoor activities will we see in The Lodge?

We’ve done rock climbing and mountain biking, as well as kayaking in the show. We’ve also danced around trees for some music videos! I really enjoy being active.  

How would you spend the perfect day outside?

After doing all this mountain bike training for the show, I really want to take the cast out on a mountain bike trail when after we finish shooting the show. Thomas and I have done loads of mountain bike training, but I think the rest of the cast would absolutely love it. There are some really great tracks in Northern Ireland, so I think that would be an amazing day out for everyone.  


Jade Alleyne plays Kaylee in the show…  

What does health and fitness mean to you, Jade?

I’m quite into health and fitness. I enjoy eating healthily because I always feel good afterwards – and I really enjoy working out. I don’t get much time to work out at the moment because my schedule’s quite long – but whenever I can, I enjoy a session. I really like being outside, so I think it’s really important to get out when I can. I like to breathe in the fresh air. I’m quite an active person anyway because I do quite a lot of dancing, which keeps me feeling energetic and happy all the time.  

What outdoor activities will we see in The Lodge?

Other people in the cast have been rock climbing and kayaking for the show, but not me. I’ve just been folding towels with Jayden, who plays Noah! When we shot the video for a song called If You Only Knew, I got to step outside with a beautiful white horse. I had to dance around knee-high in a lake, which was so much fun.

How would you spend the perfect active day outside?

If I could spend the perfect day anywhere in the world, I would go to Hawaii or Los Angeles. I’d love to go to Venice Beach and and take loads of pictures of me rollerblading in the sunshine. That would be fun!  


Thomas Doherty plays Sean in the show…  

What does health and fitness mean to you, Thomas?

I love talking about fitness and healthy eating. I’m always making my own food and I’m always looking for new things to eat. I always like to get my ‘five a day’, I drink lots of water and I also like exercising every day, too. Even if I’m working a really long day, I try to be active for at least 20 minutes or half an hour. I’m a big supporter of being active. A good level of fitness makes you feel good. Plus, it’s good for your body and it’s good for your brain. It gives you a more positive outlook on things.  

What outdoor activities will we see in The Lodge?

My character loves to go mountain biking, so we had six weeks of mountain bike training prior to filming. We had some rock climbing training as well, but the rock climbing scene was eventually cut from the show. We also did kayaking, which was amazing. The water was really cold in Belfast, but it was a lot of fun. What else have we done in The Lodge? We’ve done a lot of dancing. Obviously, there’s been a lot of that, too!

How would you spend the perfect day outside?

Before this, I don’t know what I would have said to answer this question – but now I’ve done some mountain biking, I’d definitely head out for a long ride. I’m from Scotland, where there are some wonderful tracks – like up at Fort William. That’s where I’d head for the day. I’ve also got a dog, so I’d take her out for a walk as well. Perfect!  


Bethan Wright plays Danielle in the show…  

What does health and fitness mean to you, Bethan?

Health and fitness is very important to me. Whenever work finishes on set, I’ll go to my room, get changed and quickly go to the gym – even if it’s for a half an hour. It’s important to do a bit of cardio, just to keep fresh and healthy. It’s so important to get outside when you can, too. Fresh air is so good for you! Growing up on fresh air in the countryside with horses has been a huge part of my lifestyle.

What outdoor activities will we see in The Lodge?

Danielle goes kayaking in The Lodge. She’s the person who suggests it to the group, so the boys and a few of the girls go kayaking together, which was a lot of fun to film. We had one day of training for the kayaking scenes and we were told how to be dunked under and things like that. It was freezing in the water, but it was such an adrenaline rush!  

How would you spend the perfect day outside?

I’d head to the Lake District for a lovely walk with the dogs, as well as my mum and my sister. We’d have a really nice, relaxing day together. We’d pack a picnic and chill out.  


Jayden Revri plays Noah in The Lodge…  

What does health and fitness mean to you, Jayden?

Before this job, I didn’t really think about health and fitness too much. Then we started to do a lot of physical activities in the show, like dancing, and it’s made me consider it much more. Now, I definitely watch what I eat and I’m doing a lot more exercise every day. We’re filming in some beautiful locations and I want to be outside as much as possible. I love breathing the fresh air and socialising with all these amazing people in the cast.  

What outdoor activities will we see in The Lodge?

I don’t do any physical activities in the show, besides volleyball. Sean and Ben are the active characters in the show, so Noah is more laid back. He’s the cool kid; the DJ type. But we do play volleyball in episode one. It’s a beautiful, beautiful scene. And we dance a lot in the show, too.  

How would you spend the perfect active day outside?

There are some beautiful locations in Ireland, where we’ve been filming The Lodge. I love cycling, so it would be fun to go cycling around the places where we filmed. Afterwards, I’d go for a massive swim in a nice heated pool, because the water’s pretty cold out here. I won’t bother with the ocean right now; a warm pool would suit me much more!  


Joshua Sinclair-Evans plays Josh in the show…  

What does health and fitness mean to you, Joshua?

I’ve always loved doing sport, but I’ve never really got into it completely and I’ve never been able to get into a great fitness regime. I’m the guy who gets motivated for a week, but as soon as I miss one day, it completely goes out of the window. I’ve been going to the gym quite a lot recently and I’ve been running – and I’m planning to start doing some parkour lessons soon, because I’ve always wanted to be able to do parkour. Let’s see how that goes!  

What outdoor activities will we see in The Lodge?

I’m really unlucky because most of the time, you only see my character on Skye’s phone. For most of my scenes, I’m sat in a room by myself with a camera and the light guys, so I’ve missed out on all the rock climbing and the kayaking.  


How would you spend the perfect day outside?

I would love to go mountain biking. My family used to go on lots of walks and hikes, so that would be a fun way to spend the day outside, too. I’d love to get a group of people together and hike up to a cool camping spot somewhere. That would be a great active day!  


Want to add a little health and fitness to your day? Here are six top fitness tips from the cast…  


Bethan Wright says: “Why drive when you can walk? Breathe in the fresh air. Take a moment away from your phone. Turn it off and absorb the atmosphere around you. Listen to the birds and take it all in! Don’t ask for a lift; walk.”  


Luke Newton says: “Find an activity that you enjoy, but don’t force anything. I go to the gym a lot with Thomas, but we do different things in there. Personally, I really like running, so I’ll do a 30-minute run – but Thomas will head straight to the weights. Getting active is all about finding something you enjoy!”  


Thomas Doherty says: “I think people forget that diet is just as important as exercise. You could be working out all the time, but it’s pointless if you’re not eating the right things. It’s pointless if you’re just eating rubbish every day, so make sure you get a good balance of eating well and exercising. To add a little exercise to your day, get off the bus a couple of stops early and walk the rest of the way. Do some press ups or burpees at home – but at the same time, enjoy yourself. Don’t be too psychotic about healthy eating and exercise!”  


Joshua Sinclair-Evans says: “Instead of taking the lift, why not walk upstairs? That’s such a small thing you can do to add a little activity to your day. Apart from that, it’s a good idea to find something that you enjoy. If you enjoy swimming, go swimming. If you enjoy running or going for a bike ride, go and do that. If you just want to go and kick a ball around the park for an hour, that’s just as good, too. If you enjoy it, you’re going to keep on doing it, so find the activity that works the best for you.”


Jade Alleyne says: “I really enjoy nice walks through woods or any nice scenic area. I also enjoy riding my bike. Anywhere I can ride a bike is really fun. That’s an easy way to add a little exercise to your day whilst having fun, too. Just head outside!”  


Jayden Revri says: “Head outside and kick a ball around. Go for a run or go for a cycle. Stay off your phone for a bit; that’s the best fitness advice ever, because when you’re on your phone, you become glued to it and you just stand still. Be as active as you can!”  


Disney’s ‘Let’s Go Week’ – a series of healthy living activities available online and on social is available now.
The Lodge Series 2 airs this June on Disney Channel and DisneyLife.

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