Recipe: My Granny’s Summer berries Jam (child-friendly)

My Granny's recipe for Summer berries Jam is one of my 10 year old son's Diego favourite ones, so much so that ahead of Mother's Day he made two jars. It's a super simple recipe. He did not need any supervision while making it.

Summer berries Jam

Ingredients (for 2 medium sized jam jars)

Summer berries Jam

500 g mixed summer fruits (you can buy them frozen as they are cheaper. Asda sells them as 'summer fruits') 250 g jam sugar or Sweet Freedom (I prefer it to normal sugar as it's fruit sugar and already in liquid form) Summer berries Jam


  1. Put the fruit in a blender for a smooth tasting ham or crash the fruit in a pot if you prefer the jam with lots of bits
  2. Pour the mix in a pan on a medium heat, bring it to the boil then summer for 20 minutes.
  3. Turn the heat off and leave it to cool a bit.
  4. When cold, pour the mix in jam jars (if you want to keep it for long, I suggest you sterilise the jars by boiling them in water), and keep in the fridge for a week.
Summer berries Jam Summer berries Jam Top Tip: eat this Summer berries Jam with a slice of home made yogurt cake. Here is my Granny's recipe. Summer berries Jam My recipe for a simple yogurt cake is very child-friendly and is one of my Grandmother from Italy with a few modern variations. My 10 year-old son Diego has made it for me this Mother's Day. It is such a simple cake that children can make it without supervision (except for when the cake needs to be put in the oven). You can make it for Birthday parties with inside filling of either jam or Nutella or custard at your taste. Cake baking and decorating is one of those activities that will keep kids entertain for hours, particularly important during the school holidays. Summer berries Jam and cake   Children learn a lot while cooking: preparing their own food (useful for later in life), getting to know the ingredients (fussy eaters would particularly benefit from this), socialising with mum or friends while cooking and finally eating together. Remember the old saying: Family that eats together stays together! Or Family that cooks together stays together. 


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