Recipe: Beetroot risotto


This is my own recipe for Beetroot risotto. It's very easy, healthy and super colourful.




 liter  boiling hot vegetable broth made from 1 vegetable stock cube 

 1  tbsp olive oil 

 1 finely chopped  onion 

 300  g beetroot pre-cooked in hot water (keep the water to cook the rice later and give it the red colour)

 20 g  fresh basil leaves washed for garnish and lovely smell 

 250  g Arborio risotto rice or Basmati (for a lighter version as shown in my images)

 100  g grated Parmesan cheese 



Put the stock in a saucepan full of pre-heated beetroot water to cook the rice.

In a large pan start heat the oil, then add the onion and fry for 7 minutes. Stir in half of the chopped beetroot with the risotto rice.

Cook over a medium heat for a 2 more minutes, then add the hot stock, the beetroot water, making sure the red water is absorbed before adding more. It will take approximately 20 minutes to cook the rice to be firm not too soft. It is more digestible and tasty if it is firm.


Add the remaining beetroot, then stir into the risotto, cooking until the liquid is fully absorbed and the risotto shows a creamy consistency.

For an even quicker non sticky result you can cook the rice in the microwave.

For a very Italian flavour freshly grate Parmesan on top of each plate with a couple of leaves of fresh Basil.

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