Children are ditching traditional teddy names, such as George or Edward and replacing them instead with obvious descriptions like Doggy, Piggy and Teddy.

A survey of 1000 parents comparing teddy names over two generations revealed children are drawing on physical characteristics, rather than their parents convention of naming their favourite toy after a family friend or relative. The survey, commissioned by Galt toys, revealed that 47% take inspiration from their favourite TV programmes such as, Peppa Pig, Bob the Builder and Shaun the Sheep. However, a further 37% of children did rely upon parental suggestion, rather than coming up with names themselves.

According to John McDonnell, Managing Director of Galt Toys, said: “Naming a toy Ted, Ducky or Piggy comes at an early stage in a child’s development when they are saying what they see rather than being more elaborate or imaginative”.

“Children will often say the funniest things and create ‘new’ words and names during make-believe play although it seems as though the popularity of TV programmes is having more influence on teddy names which is a shame.”

Nearly all parents (99%) believe that children need time for imaginative play but, according to 6 out of 10, children aren’t given enough time and space for this type of play.

Stimulation of the imagination is a key part of a child’s development. However, along with the increased use of gadgets and the rise in popularity of pre-toddler and children’s TV shows, imagination is no longer the key factor for inspiration when it comes to playtime.

Top Five Teddy Names Across the two generations Parents Children

1 Edward Teddy

2 Rupert Ted

3 Alice Doggy

4 George Mousey

5 Wendy Bob

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