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Jul 17 2015
Taking Pictures podcastlogosmall[1]

The latest edition of Talking Pictures is out now! Marvel’s latest super-hero movie, Ant-Man, is under the microscope. And the film’s star, Paul Rudd, gives it large on that shrinking feeling!c

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Kitty fun is on the cards! THE ADVENTURES OF PUSS IN BOOTS Premieres on Netflix 16 January 2015

Jan 11 2015
Puss in Boots is out on DVD & Blu-ray on 26th March

The sexiest and bravest cat of all times is back with new adventures and this time he will stay around for a while because Netflix got its hand on him for good. THE ADVENTURES OF PUSS IN BOOTS premieres on Netflix on 16 January 2015. 

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Valentine themed family meals

Jan 10 2015
Valentine red rose flower

The importance of Valentine is totally overrated. In this piece you can find my suggestions for home-made Valentine themed family meals.

Valentine’s Day comes from an old tradition linked to both agriculture and religion. Traditionally, Spring begins on 14th February which celebrates St Valentine’s Day and in which it is said that birds choose their mates. In some parts of Britain the 14th February used to be known as ‘the Birds’ Wedding Day’. While when the modern tradition started, it was quite thought-provoking and romantic, now it has become too commercial and over the top. It is shocking that every year Brits spend around £503m on cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts for Valentine’s Day.

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