Five Myths About Postnatal Depression

Mar 21 2014

In this article I explore five myths about Postnatal depression and the facts. There is help available to mothers!

1. Myth: Women with PND are sad and cry constantly.


Women with PND usually have a low mood, anxiety and worry, disrupted sleep, feelings of being overwhelmed, and can also feel very guilty that they are not enjoying the motherhood experience.

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Exercise reorganises the brain to help cope better with stress

Jul 30 2013

We kind of knew that exercise is good at various levels to help cope with stress. But here is an interesting report being divulged by the British Science Association Science News Digest this July.

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Win of 3 sets of NOW CDs in time for Christmas

Nov 27 2012

Celebrate this Xmas in style with a set of 6 cd’s that make a perfect musical holiday soundtrack for kids, teens, mums, dads & beyond, ALL courtesy of EMI TV.

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