Alice in Wonderland & Mad Hatter 151st anniversary special: dolls’ reviews & THE Johnny Depp’s interview

Jul 17 2016
Alice in Wonderland just celebrated the 151st anniversary of the tale.  The reason this charming story continues to inspire us is that it transports the readers (young and less young) into a world where the impossible meets the possible.

Disney's release of Alice Through the Looking Glass couldn't come at a better time. Check here all our articles covering this film including an exclusive interview with the Mad Hatter in person: Johnny Depp.

Disney has also launched great new dolls to encourage kids (and parents alike) to play along with the characters.

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London Mums chillax at the Shard with a LEGO Star Wars game

Jun 30 2016
Caught in the middle of an important historical political transformation in Britain and Europe, I decided to take a big breath and chillax at the Shard at an event for the launch of a new LEGO Star Wars gaming platform. Not only I managed to enjoy the splendid views of a transforming Capital but also relaxed playing a video game that combines two of my favorite things in life, Lego and Star Wars.

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Virtual Reality low-priced gadget reviewed by London Mums and kids

Jun 09 2016

I am a traditional kind of girl who loves being outdoor and playing old fashioned games. At least I thought this would be the case until I found the world of Virtual Reality through the View Master, a very cool gadget for both kids and adults made by Mattel, the same manufacturer of Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels cars as well as Fisher Price toys.

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