Film Review: CERTAIN WOMEN (out 3 March 2017) starring Michelle Williams & Kristen Stewart

Feb 27 2017
CERTAIN WOMEN is a movie about women and how they are strong to cope with all sorts of situations thrown to them in life. It will release just before International Women's Day. It's certainly a film aimed at women with a stellar cast which includes Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern and Lily Gladstone.

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DVD Review: LA BAMBA (1987 – newly restored)

Feb 25 2017
Who doesn't know the tune La Bamba? A song that can make people jump from their chairs, that makes you want to dance until your feet are sore and which is synonymous for party. I was 17 when the film La Bamba, the All-American rock to riches story of rock and roll legend Ritchie Valens starring Lou Diamond Phillips, was released in 1987 (don't start calculating my age now!). It made a big impression on me as it was also 17 the age when super talented musician Ritchie Valens rose to fame and tragically died shortly afterwards. The film has now been re-released by Eureka Entertainment for the first time in the UK in a 30th Anniversary Digitally Restored Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition.

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DVD Review: Shaun the sheep: PIZZA PARTY

Feb 13 2017

Shaun the Sheep and his friends never disappoint my 10 year old son Diego who is a super fan of anything that is produced  by Aarman. The latest DVD is out now and is called Shaun the sheep: PIZZA PARTY. Diego has already watched it 5 times and cannot get enough. His dad seems equally amused by the DVD. Once again Aardman has proven to be the ultimate filmmaking company for the whole family. 

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary, Aardman has just  announcedand the highly anticipated movie sequel Shaun the Sheep: The Movie 2. We cannot wait for that! This time we hope it will win the Oscar that the first movie deserved to win.

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