Film review: Dunkirk

Jul 18 2017


Christopher Nolan’s latest film Dunkirk, released in UK cinemas on 21 July 2017, won't disappoint those people who love war drama movies. It's a very powerful visualisation of how a day as a private during WW2 could have looked like.  It also features an incredible British ensemble cast including Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles. One to watch on a grey Sunday afternoon. 12+ kids will enjoy that too particularly if they love history.

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Film review: Disney’s Cars 3 in cinemas on 14 July 2017

Jul 12 2017


Disney's Cars 3 is possibly the best Cars film released so far. My 10 year old son Diego has seen the animations Cars and Cars 2 at least 1000 times. When Cars was released, he was just two and Cars was the first film he had watched from start to finish without me doing a lot of explaining. He still is a big fan of Lightning McQueen and his Cars collection is huge and almost intact despite having being played a lot over the past eight years. Diego is now a grown up 10 almost 11 year old boy but still interested in this sort of movies. Unsurprisingly Pixar's great production values, as well as dialogues, storytelling makes Cars 3 a great film for the whole family.


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Film review: Spider-Man – Homecoming starring Tom Holland

Jun 30 2017


  Spider-Man - Homecoming is the superhero film of the year and the perfect family film for this Summer. Read why it gets full rating from London Mums' and kids. Don't miss it! It's released in cinemas on 5 July  2017.  

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