Audiobooks for children’s classics

Jul 23 2017

Today's children are often bombarded with videos and cannot easily focus on reading a paper book. I have recently discovered the magic effect of audiobooks on my 10 year old son. Diego and I have been recently listening to The Railway Children a lot. This audio gave us the chance to talk about this classic novel in a new mature way considering the historical moment, the way children lived during the Edwardian era, comparing it to our modern life, and so on. Audiobooks have traditionally been used with struggling readers or non-readers to help them to access literature and enjoy books. But they can equally be used with avid readers. I love paper books, for example, but I have now discovered the BBC audio for children's classics and must say that they are very pleasant as they make difficult books so accessible.  

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Ten minutes with Jeremy Strong chatting about writing for kids & his Brother’s Famous Bottom

Jul 14 2017

Jeremy Strong has done it again! The King of Comedy has written a brilliantly funny new book, My Brother's Famous Bottom Makes a Splash, which is the perfect summer read! I have had a chat with him recently to talk about his writing career, his latest book, to ask him tips for aspiring authors and to find out what he is working on at the moment. Just a quick WARNING for when your kids (or yourself) will read this book:

THIS BOOK IS VERY FUNNY. Readers may experience:

Giggling fits


Crying with laughter

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Holiday Activity Books: My London & My New York by Majel van der Meulen

Jul 09 2017


  The Summer is great but children need lots of entertainment and it cannot always be video games or outdoor playing. A good book is always a blessing especially if it inspires children with ideas for creative activities. My favourite ones have to be My London: Colour Draw, Explore and My New York: Colour, Draw, Explore by Majel van der Muelen. 

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