Picture book of the week: Before & After by Jean Jullien

Feb 24 2017
Before & After is a unique and playful board book created by illustrator Jean Jullien.  It's published by Phaidon on 13 March 2017 (RRP £8.95) and is suitable for children aged 2-4 but can be enjoyed by older kids and parents alike.

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Bedtime story of the week: Peep Inside a Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast

Feb 22 2017
Usborne’s latest book Peep Inside a Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast will coincide with Disney's new live action Beauty and the Beast movie. Peep Inside is one of Usborne's bestselling preschool series, with over 10 million copies sold worldwide. Peep Inside a Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast will delight and enchant children and parent alike, with fabulous illustrations by Lorena Alvarez.

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DVD Review: Shaun the sheep: PIZZA PARTY

Feb 13 2017

Shaun the Sheep and his friends never disappoint my 10 year old son Diego who is a super fan of anything that is produced  by Aarman. The latest DVD is out now and is called Shaun the sheep: PIZZA PARTY. Diego has already watched it 5 times and cannot get enough. His dad seems equally amused by the DVD. Once again Aardman has proven to be the ultimate filmmaking company for the whole family. 

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary, Aardman has just  announcedand the highly anticipated movie sequel Shaun the Sheep: The Movie 2. We cannot wait for that! This time we hope it will win the Oscar that the first movie deserved to win.

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