Children’s picture books – Spring 2015 Overview

Mar 05 2015
Children's picture books - Spring 2015 Overview collage

To those who say that the world of paper books is dying off, I’d say brace yourself because this Spring more than ever the book market is over-flooded with original new picture books all with a common denominator: incredibly quirky and colourful illustrations. The up and coming authors get younger and younger and classic authors are revisited in modern adaptations.

Why do we love Picture books so much? I find myself reading children’s books to myself all the time, not just because I am in publishing and a writer but also because I personally find them fascinating and they provide a constant source of inspiration for my writing. To say that I read 100 books every year is an understatement but I am still not a paperless person and find it hard to focus on a tablet. Despite being geeky and a tech lover I still love the smell of new books (my nose always ends up in the middle of the pages for a couple of seconds), the noise of the flipping pages, the colours, illustrations I can touch with my fingertips. 2015 will be a great year for children’s picture books. Publishers are bringing out lots of new titles, sequences of already successful stories (such as Tom Gates) and new authors (like Cbeebies’ star Carrie Burnell).

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A day in Rome with Audrey Hepburn

Feb 27 2015
Audrey Hepburn book cover

I’m Paola, and I’m a new London Mums’ contributor based in Italy.

A day in Rome with Audrey Hepburn is a book written by a friend of mine, Maurizio Canforini, a young Italian writer and theatre actor who, some months ago, decided to give me custody to the Facebook page related to his book. I invite you London Mums to join and like the page which re-visits lots of old facts and photos of Audrey Hepburn throughout her fruitful career in films and fashion.

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Books that make history fun for kids

Jan 08 2015
make history fun for kids collage

History is so fascinating but can be quite complicated and daunting for kids. As parents we need to support teachers’ efforts to to make children curious about the reasons behind crucial historical events that help us understand the world we live in and the news we hear on a daily basis. Horrible Histories are doing a great job about this as they incorporate fun and silly facts to make history fun for kids. There are a lot of new books out there which I wish I had when I was at school. Here are my and my 8 year old son Diego’s favourite ones.

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