Books that make history fun for kids

Jan 08 2015
make history fun for kids collage

History is so fascinating but can be quite complicated and daunting for kids. As parents we need to support teachers’ efforts to to make children curious about the reasons behind crucial historical events that help us understand the world we live in and the news we hear on a daily basis. Horrible Histories are doing a great job about this as they incorporate fun and silly facts to make history fun for kids. There are a lot of new books out there which I wish I had when I was at school. Here are my and my 8 year old son Diego’s favourite ones.

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Christmas Gift ideas: BOOKS FOR MUM & DAD

Nov 29 2014
books for mum and dad xmas 2014

Books always make good presents for everybody. For those who don’t like reading, picture books or reference titles are ideal too. Here are suggestions for BOOKS FOR MUM & DAD or friends and family.

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The Guinness World Records book is 60!

Nov 28 2014
GWR 60 birthday collage

The Guinness World Records (GWR) book turns 60 and celebrated with a big Mummy Blogger Party on 30th October 2014 which marked the 60th birthday and edition of the world most famous annual.

The party was aimed at mums and children and was such great fun for all. The afternoon was packed with activities, food and the best thing of all was……. actually meeting up close some special guests who are world record breakers.

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