Book review: A Different Kettle of Fish by Autistic Physics Student Michael Barton about a Daytrip to London from Most Unique Perspective

Sep 27 2014
book collage london a different kettle of fish

Anybody who has come across autistic people would know how special they are especially in their relationship with the world around. A new book called A Different Kettle of Fish is now shedding some light into the world of a high functioning and highly intelligent young man who documents his daytrip to London from his own unique perspective.

Written from the heart and experience of Michael Barton, A Different Kettle of Fish takes readers on a trip from the author’s familiar university surroundings to the weird and wonderful world of central London. With the author’s rare and fascinating neurological makeup at play, readers are enjoying a first-hand account of life from a radically different perspective.

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New Children’s Book review: Never Too Small – Warm & Reassuring story to help Young Readers overcome their Fears & Embrace Diversity

Sep 06 2014
book kids never too small about diversity and overcoming fears

Back to school and also back to learning social skills. Children need to focus on their peers and interact with them with respect no matter what their ethnic background is.  Never Too Small is a Warm & Reassuring New Children’s Book lovingly written by Zanib Mian and illustrated by Laura Ewing Ferrer that helps young readers overcome their fears & embrace diversity. The perfect book to start a new school year positively.

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The best books of the year as voted by children

Jul 31 2014
Booktrust Best Book Awards Judges group shot

Books are so wonderful. Personally I rarely find uninteresting books and stories for children are particularly original and colourful to please the young readers’ eyes. Reading charity BOOKTRUST has recently unveiled the WINNERS OF THE BEST BOOK AWARDS jointly with AMAZON KINDLE a party-style awards ceremony in central London attended by authors and 300 child judges and introduced by no less than Michael Morpurgo whose motivational speech came down really well with school children who attended the event. The winning titles were voted for by children themselves and this makes the list even more interesting for parents who want to know what makes kids click when it comes to storytelling.

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