This week’s Bedtime Story – My funny family gets funnier

Jan 27 2016
My funny family gets funnier book cover

My Funny Family Gets Funnier is the seventh book in the heart-warming and hilarious My Funny Family series authored by Chris Higgins. It’s a series to be enjoyed by school children from 6 to 10. The Butterfield family is quite big and quirky. Every family member has one peculiar personality trait.

Nine-year-old Mattie (abbreviation for Matisse) is an excited narrator. She tells the story of her family as it happens.

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This week’s bedtime story: The Queen’s Handbag by Steve Antony

Jan 22 2016
The Queen's Handbag

London Mums bedtime story this week is The Queen’s Handbag by writer & illustrator Steve Antony published by Hodder Children’s books (1st Oct 2015).  

Steve Antony is a very popular author at the London Mums’ Kids Club for his other masterpieces, The Queen’s Hat and Please Mr Panda. He is certainly child reporter Diego’s favourite writer, who keeps picking Steve’s books to read together despite being 9 and reading also more difficult literature.

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This week’s Bedtime Story – The Snowball by Giuliano Ferri

Jan 20 2016
The Snowball by Giuliano Ferri book cover

You don’t need lots of words to tell a good story. The proof of this is certainly included in a new picture by Giuliano Ferri called The Snowball. Following another snow-themed book Rabbit and Bear : Rabbit’s Bad Habits I can speak on behalf of London Mums and express the wish to have some snow in London sometime this Winter to be able to finally make a decent snowman. It’s been at least two years that we haven’t seen snow in London after all.

The Snowball is a delightful celebration of Winter’s greatest joys and puts me in the mood for some snow fun.

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