Taking the Kids to the Theatre in London

Sep 11 2014
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

My love of going to the theatre began at a young age having always been taken by my parents to the big ‘must see’ West End musicals of the day. Probably one of the first I saw, or at least one that has had a lasting impression on me to this day, was the 1972 production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ at the Palace theatre and starring a then youthful Paul Nicholas in the lead role. I still have vivid images of that production as well as Michael Crawford in ‘Barnum’ a decade later.

I have carried on this tradition with my own children and living within close proximity to London’s West End we are truly spoiled for choice.

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Playmobil is 40!

Jul 13 2014

I have realised that Playmobil is younger than me by 4 years! I actually thought the German toy manufacturer was older than me as I can remember being at primary school when I started playing with their toys and it felt as an established brand already. I have always been more a Playmobil fan than a Lego fan. Only recently Lego has introduced a girly friendly range, Lego Friends, but Lego has traditionally been very male orientated. Playmobil instead have always had lots of ‘make believe’ characters which you can use to build your own fantasy story. My 7 year old son is clearly Lego crazy and definitely prefers building his toys with the small bricks from scratch.

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To Lego or to Mixels? That is the question…

Feb 28 2014

If you want to understand which toys are trendy for school kids ask your children. This is exactly what I recently did with a new Lego mini figures series i.e. new constructible collectibles linked to a TV programme, which puzzled me a bit initially until I read what my 7 year old son wrote about them.

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