Why swimming is beneficial to children with Autism

Oct 13 2011 Leading swimming expert Laura Molloy shares her thoughts. International footballer Paul Scholes recently revealed that his young son who suffers with Autism has a love of swimming. Children with emotional, behavioural and communication disorders are known to benefit from sensory stimulation and swimming can offer a child with Autism the perfect respite. Here, Laura Molloy, founder of Swimbabes (www.swimbabes.co.uk) explains why.

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Down’s Syndrome (Frequently Asked Questions) provided by the Down’s Syndrome Association

May 10 2011
Down's Syndrome (Frequently Asked Questions) provided by the Down's Syndrome Association.

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‘HOW TO HELP CHILDREN WITH DYSLEXIA’ by Usha Patel of the Raviv Practice London

Apr 10 2011

Parents with children suffering from dyslexia and other learning difficulties are right to be angry with MP Graham Stringer with his unqualified remarks about dyslexia and dismissing it as 'cruel fiction which leads to crime'. Whilst it may be expedient to blame crime on dyslexia it does nothing to explain how this condition occurs in the first place.

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