Summer homework ideas … in case you fear education regression

Jul 23 2014
summer homework ideas collage

I spoke with a couple of primary teachers over the years and they all confirmed that during the Summer holidays children fall behind in their spellings, writing, reading and maths by the time they return for the new school year in September. Not surprisingly this is confirmed by a research that reveals that almost half of parents (47%) are “worried” about education regression during the long school holidays. So here we present Summer homework ideas and fun workbooks you can take on holidays to both keep children entertained and help them refresh their knowledge while having fun. 

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The mindset of high achievers

Jul 22 2014

I want to start by addressing one of the biggest myths in modern society; the myth of talent and intelligence being a fixed trait we are born with and IQ being  a valid measurement of intelligence.

Alfred Binet, the inventor of the IQ test, even said that the IQ test  is only a measure of someones current status and it’s not an indication of their future potential. Future potential is an Unknown and most of the best achieving individuals in history and those alive today did not do very well on standardised tests. This is because the tests don’t measure the full scale of human intelligence or potential.

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How soft skills can change your children

Jul 15 2014
learning schooling

Something interesting has happened in recent years.

People are beginning to realise that the best way to solve a problem is not by by treating it but by preventing it. Prevention  is better than cure. Why wait until things have already gone wrong?

This is why companies create strategic plans years in advance. They don’t wait for things to go wrong and then try to fix it. Instead, they put in place preventative measures to ensure they never get into a bad position in the first place.

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