To tutor or not to tutor? The honest tutor’s perspective!

Oct 18 2014
Mark Maclaine, 10

To tutor or not to tutor? That is the dilemma. I thought I ask honest tutor Erica Gillingham for her perspective on challenges, homework, parents’ dilemmas and the BIG question about State versus Private schooling.

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To tutor or not to tutor? That is the question

Sep 15 2014
Image by Mark Maclaine,

I never really believed in tutoring as I always thought my son was extremely intelligent. How wrong could I possibly be?!! I don’t refer here to my son’s intelligence, but to the importance of tutoring.

Media debate whether to tutor or not to tutor all the time and I have never thought of becoming an advocate for that myself.

I had to try it first to be able to understand the profound impact that a good tutor could make. And we only had a tutor for one session. 

It’s only now that my son is in year 4 that I have started considering it due to the fact that in my catchment area good secondary schools are limited and mostly oversubscribed.

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Computing in the curriculum: a hands-on experience & FREE resources for parents

Sep 13 2014
Baby Boy Child Childhood Computer Concept

As I parent, I keep wondering whether I do enough for my child in terms of homework support. I feel quite lucky that I have an academic background and professional qualifications to understand the National Curriculum, but was unfamiliar with the changes being introduced in the new curriculum from this September.

Have I have enough knowledge in computer science and computer coding to help my 8 year son this term? My answer is NO! So I was very pleased to recently attend an interactive workshop organised by the Department for Education and Microsoft offering answers to all the new homework dilemmas parents are facing.

One of the biggest areas are the changes in computing, with children set to be taught coding from the start of primary school.

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