The Benefits of Perinatal Yoga

Jun 02 2014
Three pregnant women practicing yoga (focus on woman in foreground)

Whether you’re completely new to yoga or consider yourself a master, during pregnancy is the perfect time to practice. Just this month, it has been proven by academics from Newcastle and Manchester Universities that pregnant women who attended a yoga class every week for eight weeks experienced less anxiety compared to those who received normal antenatal treatment, with a single yoga class during pregnancy having the potential to cut anxiety to mothers-to-be by a third. Yoga is the best form of exercise for pregnant women everywhere with so many health benefits for both you and your child. Perinatal yoga is so much more than your usual gym class… it’s a training in deep relaxation and preparation for birth and motherhood.

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Device to help women during difficult births created by car mechanic

Jan 03 2014

I enjoy reading the stories published every week in the Science news digest published by the British Science Association. Recently they reported a piece of news that sounds like a pretty unlikely story. Apparently Jorge Odon, a car mechanic from Argentina, has developed one of the most important inventions for mothers and babies around the globe.

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Fertility support for parents

Oct 21 2013

A new support group launching in London later this month will focus on helping parents with fertility problems.

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