The Skint Mums’ Guide to Throwing a Cheap Halloween Party

Sep 29 2014
Pirate costume

Halloween has exploded in popularity in the last decade, with UK spending on the festival skyrocketing from just £12 million a decade ago to an estimated £300 million last year. This surge in popularity means that, according to a recent survey, the average family spends almost £70 on Halloween!

However, £70 is a hefty price to pay for a festival which essentially boils down to playing dress up and gorging yourself on free sweets! So, in the spirit of thriftiness, we’ve put together this complete guide to nailing your child’s Halloween party for under £30!

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Decorating for Family Parties

Jun 15 2014
Family Parties

It’s Summer and for once the weather is being kind, so planning a party outdoors might not be such a silly idea. Start with a gazebo, to give cover as needed and you’ll find you can dress it to suit an event for anyone from 5 to 95. Here are some tips to decorate your house and garden for Family Parties.

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Top 10 Tips on Organising a Kids Party

Apr 20 2014
kids party

Parents dread that day of the year where they need to get a bunch of kids entertained and happy. Here are my helpful tips on organising your kids party – a step by step guide through a stress free process of planning your child’s birthday.

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