National Clocks Go Back Week – Tips to Help your Child Adjust to the Extra Hour

Oct 25 2013

Many people will relish the thought of an extra hour in bed when the clocks go back this autumn. But for many parents with young children this is a far-flung dream! 7pm will become 6pm but worse still 6am will become 5am! Not a pretty thought.

Routine is key for children so making the transition as unnoticeable as possible is paramount.

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Simple steps to Get Safe Online

Oct 22 2013

Not-for-profit organisation Get Safe Online launches online ‘Code of Conduct’ to make online safety simple.

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Keeping your kids safe at Halloween

Oct 21 2013

As Halloween becomes more and more popular around the UK, some parents are entering unchartered territory. From choosing costumes to discussions about stranger danger, there are things parents can do to limit their own stress and maximise the experience for everyone.

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