Benefits of Having Children Help You Cook

Apr 12 2014
Cooking with your children

Cooking with your children can have many benefits for their development. It is a practical skill that has been passed down for eons. Without knowing how to cook or prepare foods, humankind wouldn’t be able to survive. Aside from teaching the children a useful and practical skill, what other benefits can be derived from the activity?

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Women Now and Then – Are we really better off now? How are raising the next generation?

Apr 04 2014
London Mums magazine Woman Women Women's Day International Women's Day

We often give for granted lots of the things we do now as women. In order to understand where we are progressing to we need to understand where we came from. On International Women’s Day I attended a very interesting event at City Hall presented by the Deputy Mayor of London, Victoria Borwick, to mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War I with authorative speakers hosting a panel discussion entitled ‘Women Now and Then: How WWI Transformed Gender Roles’.

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Ten tips to help the whole family sleep soundly when the clocks change on 30 March 2014

Mar 26 2014

Glorious British summertime is upon us! Clocks go forward at 2am on Sunday morning 30th March 2014. It seems something easy to adjust to lighter nights and it is easy enough for adults but it isn't quite the same for children. Here are ten tips to help the whole family sleep soundly when the clocks change.

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