How parents can boost confidence in children

May 26 2015
Confident kids

Often, when we as parents are discussing how to improve students’ performance and better their interpersonal skills, the subject of “confidence” is raised.

But what exactly is confidence? And is it something that can be developed over time, or is it a finite personality trait that we either possess, or we don’t? The answer may surprise you, but confidence is something that can be developed and fostered over time.

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How to Help Your Teenager Achieve at Exam Time

May 15 2015
teenage girl holding books isolated in white

Parents are uniquely placed to understand their own teenagers. It is parents who have nurtured them from birth and even the best teachers have only known your teenager for a short time. Teachers have the ‘good of the group’ in mind and examination outcomes to work for and whilst a good teacher is a great help when it comes to achieving in a particular subject, it is parents who affect teenage learning behaviours in the most profound way. Teenagers are not yet adults (in some ways they are still very much children) and as such they need their parents to help guide them.

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Are we too egocentric? Are we bringing up self-centric children?

Mar 20 2015
self-centric children

In last few years, we have seen the raise of the Uber Woman and the advent of smartphones with the selfie functionality has only exaggerated that. Women are more egocentric and narcissistic than ever or at least we like to come across as self confident. Lots of mums have become bloggers, the yummy mummy generation was born with the social media that has enhanced a sense of our own fabulousness.  Us mothers in particular who have built blogs, mini business ventures, mumpreneurs believe we are cleverer, more talented and more attractive than we possibly are.

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