Child Internet Safety – Six scenarios and solutions

Jul 04 2014
child internet safety teacher e-safety image

The Child Internet Safety Summit 2014 at Westminster focused on the digital footprint and the dangers to children in both their present and future lives as well as the online safety education focus in schools. To make it easier to understand what parents need to do and know, I have prepared a list of danger scenarios / challenges and simple solutions for parents as I have learnt from the experts at the conference on 3rd July. 

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Why it’s important for children to have a good work / play balance

Jun 27 2014

How do you feel at the end of a busy working week? When you have spent all week working and not enough time doing some of the things that you really love, like gardening, seeing friends and socialising, perhaps some sport or fitness class, or just relaxing by listening to music, come Friday evening you might well feel drained and frazzled. The week has flashed by in a blur of stress and deadlines, and you’ve barely had time to breathe!

If you feel like that, why should it be any different for your little ones? Don’t forget, if they’re school age they spend five days a week in education, usually with homework and reading to fill their evenings, as well. It’s important not to completely overlook the importance of play.

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Do we share the love for our kids’ favourite music?

May 06 2014
rays of sunshine concert

Do we mums and dads know what kind of songs our children like? Do we share our kids’ favourite music? Do we like to take them to concerts? A couple of days ago I went to the Rays of Sunshine charity concert attended by lots families with children aged 5 to 13 and I did not feel out of place because I happen to like my 7 year old son’s music. To be perfectly honest, I know the type of music he likes because I often watch the X-Factor and the Voice and I think I am up-to-date with the latest singers and musicians. 

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