Manners are everything – Top tips for parents (however old their children) & for well-mannered children

May 25 2016
Most adults appreciate a child with manners, in fact everyone appreciates manners. Who wouldn't like to know that their child is polite and helpful when they aren't around! Having good manners is part of being a responsible and respectful human being. It’s about not only looking out for yourself and in many cases putting someone else first.

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How to stay calm when you don’t feel it using NLP

May 21 2016

Do you know people who calmly swan around life without anything bothering them? Child meltdowns just seem to go over their heads. They bounce through a busy day with lightness and humour. Annoying aren’t they? Staying calm when you don’t feel it is an art, and the good news is that, using some techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), you too can learn this art of serene calmness, whatever the situation. These are my top tips that delegates and clients report work best and are easy to remember:

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30 hours free childcare – Exclusive interview with Education and Childcare Minister Sam Gymiah

May 12 2016
London Mums caught up with Education and Childcare Minister Sam Gymiah to discuss the outcome of the 30 hours free childcare consultation. This Q&A contains important information for all families with pre-schoolers children.

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