Tiger Parenting? Extra curricular activities: How do you know when they are getting too much?

Oct 12 2014
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Mozart in the womb, Baby Einstein DVD’s for newborns and i-pad learning apps for toddlers.

From the moment the umbilical cord is cut, today’s parents feel trapped in a never-ending race to ensure their child is the brightest and the best.
Now a provocative new book, Taming the Tiger Parent gives parents the confidence to step away from the frenzy and shows them how to protect their children’s well-being in today’s hothouse atmosphere.

In an exclusive extract of my book on tiger parenting, here are tips to help parents decide which extracurricular activities should stay and which should go:

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14 Keywords to understand your partner, your kids & your friends

Sep 29 2014

At the age of 44 I have finally managed to gather pearls of wisdom from wise people to share with my fellow London Mums. I hope you enjoy 14 keywords to understand your partner, your kids and your friends.

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Tips on Strengthening Child Self Esteem

Sep 24 2014
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The summer holidays are long gone and with that the wonderful if slightly stressful period of having the kids at home all the time..

However the start of a new school term can be a good time to step back and reassess your own sub-conscious beliefs and self talk, which in turn has a tremendous effect on how you relate to and nurture your child’s self worth and self belief.

Below are a few pointers on enlightened parenting and planting positive seeds of self esteem in your child that honours your truth as well as theirs.

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