Joy in the Midst of Pain – Moving beyond Grief after loosing a partner

Sep 02 2014

As I waited for my husband to take his final breath, I cried desperately  because I knew that my life would never be the same. His heavy labored breathing distracted me from any further thought. There was a seven second pause in between each breath. I waited for eight seconds, but he was constant at seven seconds. I held his hand as he took that final breath, I made a choice at that very moment, that I would never allow grief to rule my life and steal my joy.

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Has the taboo of online dating finally worn off?

Jul 29 2014
children at weddings

It used to be thought that online dating was for people who couldn’t find a date in the real world. That is definitely not the case any more. There’s been a huge surge in people using dating sites to find that special someone. From sites where your friends describe you and all your best bits (hopefully!) – like - to sites specific to your job.

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Staying cool as a parent

Jul 26 2014
parent parenting keep-calm-and-silence-your-mind London Mums magazine

In an increasingly pressured, modern world parenting can one of the most rewarding, transformative journeys we can ever embark on. It can at times be one of the most stressful and challenging.

Whether you have a baby, toddler or teenager staying cool, calm and collected is the best way to ensure that your responsibility as a parent, and your opportunity to enjoy the experience of raising your child, is fulfilled.

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