How to keep your children safe from cyberbullies

Nov 29 2015
cyberbullies images

As a psychotherapist, I’ve worked with many children and parents who’ve found themselves at the mercy of cyberbullies. The abuse is more common and unrelenting than you might think.

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Speaking with Heart

Sep 16 2015
Heart of Relating Front Cover

This Summer I attended a very inspirational event filled with new authors whom I would describe ‘writers from the heart’, i.e. people whose lives have been touched by dramatic events and have consequently written books inspired by their feelings. One of these writers from the heart who touched me as a mother is Carmella B’Hahn. This is her story told in her own words. Read them and you will understand what I mean with Speaking with Heart.

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Help and advice on achieving quality sleep for you and your baby

Aug 05 2015

It can be difficult for the whole family when you have a baby that doesn’t sleep well. You and your partner are constantly tired and tense which can cause problems with each other as well as with yourself. You could become irritable, forgetful and even depressed, and despite your best efforts, a sleep deprived parent is simply not capable of being the best parent they could be. Here’s some tips of how to tackle baby sleep problems and solutions which will help you regain a well-rested family.

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