REVEALED! London children’s kind acts & the kindness traits they find the hardest to learn

Dec 16 2016

As a journalist I get sent lots of studies every day but only a few make me smile or think about it. There’s one in particular which caught my eyes and made me realise how children these days are often insensitive and egoistic. According to a recent conducted with kids’ TV series The Clangers for Kindness campaign (they are, after all, known for their kindness!), over 95% of parents of 2-6 year olds in London think their children are generally kind, but over 60% have seen their children being unkind. Take a look at some of the results of this survey which was filled in by 1400 parents and which sheds some light into modern parenting and childhood.

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How confident are you in your parenting skills?

Dec 07 2016

Being a parent is hard, you have to keep your child happy, healthy, well behaved and get them to adulthood in one piece. To achieve this parents have to wear many hats: teacher, nurse, therapist, sports coach, careers officer, police, children’s entertainer, chef and that’s just to name a few. It’s the role of a lifetime, but when it comes to being all we are expected to be as parents how confident are we in our parenting skills?

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When is it time to give your child a mobile phone?

Nov 19 2016

In 2016, parenting has never been so different, from exposure to issues to technology, we’ve never seen anything like it and raising kids in an unfamiliar environment can be daunting. One issue that is sure to crop up is the issue of mobile phones and more specifically when is the right time to give your child a mobile phone?

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