3 brilliant ways to ask for help

Aug 06 2016
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People often tell us they find asking other people for their time, help and support difficult. It can feel like grovelling, being demanding or disrespectful depending on how you think. This can often make requests appear clumsy and awkward. Being able to ask for help well builds relationships and is a key factor in managing your time well, as you can’t do everything yourself. Here are our top tips straight from my forthcoming book:

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Building A Personal Brand

Aug 01 2016
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There’s a lot of buzz around the idea of building a personal brand. What exactly is it and when do you need to start crafting one?

Personal Branding is the idea of self-packaging an individual’s talents and attributes in a way that tells a story. A strong personal brand should highlight points of uniqueness—a TWIST—in order to get positive attention from universities (and eventually hirers).

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Small Changes in your thinking that make a Big Difference

Jul 14 2016
beautiful-day positve thinking

When people come on our certification courses in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) they are always blown away by the power of the interventions to change behaviours, how we feel and how we behave. It’s easy to love the big powerful stuff, but the small changes we make in our thinking are very worthy of our love and attention. How we think influences how we feel about life, react to others, store our memories and make our decisions, so surely something so important is worth working on? The thing is that in our natural human development our thinking develops accidentally, some of it serves us well, and some of it doesn’t. The key is to use more of what works and less of what doesn’t work. Here are our top tips to try out:

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