When is it time to give your child a mobile phone?

Nov 19 2016

In 2016, parenting has never been so different, from exposure to issues to technology, we’ve never seen anything like it and raising kids in an unfamiliar environment can be daunting. One issue that is sure to crop up is the issue of mobile phones and more specifically when is the right time to give your child a mobile phone?

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Cover ‘Boy’ Bear Grylls ‘Heaven for me is winding down with my family, a cuppa tea and a long bath’

Nov 03 2016

If you haven’t already seen our latest London Mums magazine, you can read our cover interview here, an exclusive chat with British adventurer, TV presenter, author and super Dad Bear Grylls.

I met Bear at the launch of the new family car, Land Rover Discovery. At the unforgettable star-studded party at Packington Hall Bear descended from a helicopter onto a massive replica Tower Bridge made entirely with LEGO to reveal the new SUV. Then he told London Mums what he really loves in life.

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3 brilliant ways to ask for help

Aug 06 2016
helping hands ask for help parenting

People often tell us they find asking other people for their time, help and support difficult. It can feel like grovelling, being demanding or disrespectful depending on how you think. This can often make requests appear clumsy and awkward. Being able to ask for help well builds relationships and is a key factor in managing your time well, as you can’t do everything yourself. Here are our top tips straight from my forthcoming book:

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