Is handwriting overrated?

Jan 23 2017

Today it's National Handwriting Day and I have started wondering whether handwriting has a future or not in our times where the use of computers and tablets is widely spread in schools.

Is handwriting dead? If not, should we parents be worried?

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Febrile Convulsions

Jan 22 2017
Imagine how you would feel if your child suddenly went rigid, became totally unresponsive and started to twitch in front of you. Febrile convulsions are the most common kind of seizure and can be incredibly frightening. They occur most frequently in babies and young children who are unwell and have a rising body temperature, which results in them fitting. They are remarkably common, affecting 2-5% of children under five years.

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How to teach your child to read in 6 steps

Jan 20 2017
This feature explains six simple steps to teach your child to read.

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